10/31/16: FELIZ Halloween

So, this week was a pretty great one…as always!

Quote of the week: We were teaching one of our investigators the Ten Commandments and he was dead serious when he told us, “Santificar el día de los festivos es un mandamiento de Dios” (one of the commandments of God is to keep the party days holy).haha only in Spain where every other day is a holiday.

We went to visit our Lebanese friend in the mountains and IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!  The whole bus ride over we kept saying, “WOW, so beautiful.”  I think the people on the bus thought we were crazy but you gotta enjoy the nature!  The little town he lives in has about fifty people and looks like South America.  We even had to walk on this little path in the mountains to get to his house.  Definitely felt like a different mission for a minute!  Our Lebanese friend fed us some typical food from his country and we were able to teach him the restoration while looking out at the ocean.  It was like a dream day in the mission (there aren’t too many of those)!  Too bad he “broke up” with us later this week.  He said he isn’t quite ready to commit himself to our church.  We hope he comes back one day but for now he has the Book of Mormon and we hope that one day he will decide to accept it!

We visited our Lebanese friend in his village in the mountains.
It was absolutely beautiful there in Taborno!

We also had a BAPTISM this week!  Our dear Alexy finally was able to enter the waters of baptism and it was such a good day!!  We did learn that day that we should always have the elders fill up the baptismal font because when the Hermanas do it, we end up forgetting to plug it.  And just two hours before the baptism we have to start filling the font with buckets of water.  Yeah, fun stuff!  Also a member called an hour before telling us she wouldn’t make it to the baptism, so I was blessed to be able to give a little improv talk haha.  But the Spirit pulled through, and my talk was filled with a lot of beautiful things that I didn’t come up with.

Alexy got baptized!!


We also had intercambios once again.  I was with Hermana Vannucci from Idaho, this is her first transfer on the mission and I was her first intercambio!  I was so impressed with how focused she is so early on in the mission.  It was a good afternoon and the intercambio ended with breakfast on the roof.

Hermana Vannucci and us up on the roof for breakfast during intercambios!

I also had the chance to have my last interview in the field with President.  I’ll say it again- I absolutely love the Packs!

We had interviews this week with President and he announced our district leader, Elder Tullis, is going to the office so here’s our last district picture. And me and my companion’s matching boots 🙂


Well all these “lasts” make you reflect a little.  One thing I was thinking about this week was 2 verbs I used to mix up all the time in the beginning of my mission when I was learning Spanish.  Pertenecer which means “to belong” and permanecer which means “to stay”.  Well I realized that those words go hand in hand.  I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ. And whether I’m a missionary or a college student or whatever else life has in store for me, I promise to also “permanecer” in the Gospel.  I’ve come to know that’s one thing that can never be put aside.  It’s the most important thing.  And I’m so grateful for the testimony I’m gaining of my Savior Jesus Christ and his restored church here on the mission.

Have a great week!

Love, Hermana Brooke Devereaux

Here are some pictures from p day!



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