10/24/16: Barriguita llena, corazoncito feliz

Hello what a great week it was here!

Tuesday we did a little pueblo exploring.  We started with a prayer and saw lots of miracles.  We ended the day meeting with Alexy and finished up teaching the rest of the commandments before her baptism.

Wednesday morning, we went to the church a little early to work on a couple things before district meeting and the doorbell rings.  The doorbell never rings at the church.  So with a lot of hesitation, we go and answer it and a random man is there and wants to know more about the church.  This man is from Lebanon, he lives in the mountains, and he was on the bus to the city and felt like he needed to get off there and find out what church it is.  That was a long story short but the Lord really knows what he’s doing and guides us to where he needs us to be.

Thursday we had intercambios with the Vecindario hermanas- Hermana Contreras (my fellow Texan) and Hermana Robinson.  I was with Hermana Robinson and I was so impressed with all she has learned and accomplished in these past 4 months she’s been on the mission.  Me and Hermana Deeter tried to be all domestic and made them some good home-made food.  During intercambios we also had an awesome lesson with Lili, the friend of one of the YSA.  I’m so grateful for Kritsia and her example that she has given her- it’s made all the difference!  Lili is just soaking everything up.  It’s precious.

The hermanas came in from the other island this week on a boat, so that means we get to go to the dock to pick ’em up!


They have fun things at the dock.

Friday was Romina’s baby shower!  She is just superwoman.  She is 8 ½ months pregnant and still wears stilettos and is always out serving everyone.  She is already awesome and then I just look at her and think of my 2 cute pregnant sisters.  At her baby shower, another Hermana shared something that really touched me.  She said that since the time her kids were born, she taught them how to pray.  And the day that she walked into their bedroom and saw them praying by themselves was the most special thing.  I’m sure that’s how Heavenly Father feels about us.

Romina’s baby shower!

Then Saturday Alexy had her baptismal interview!  She passed with flying colors and is all set for next Saturday the 29th.  She’s precious.

This past weekend the rain also hit.  Quite a lot of rain.  And this Hermana had not been to prepared with her sandals and lack of umbrella.  Imagine a bunch of missionaries huddling under a tree, waiting for the bus to come after church in pouring rain.  Good times!

Well I’m just soaking all the time in.  I love it here and have really come to understand that this is exactly what I have needed to learn and where I’ve needed to be the past 18 months.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Love, Hermana Brooke Devereaux

P.S.  Our ward mission leader always says every time we meet with him, “full tummy happy heart”.  But for whatever reason, it is much better in Spanish coming out of Paco’s mouth.

We visited Paco and Mari at her cafe today for p day!

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