10/3/16: Finishing with my torch lit

Halo everyone!

Well transfers are in and my sweet little hijita is leaving me ūüėĘ ¬†She is heading back up to the peninsula in San Sebasti√°n de Los Reyes. ¬†I’m grateful for these 3 months with her, for making a new best friend. ¬†It was about 10:30 Saturday morning, after President is usually already done with his transfer calls for leaders, and our phone rings. ¬†Hermana Pack needs me back at leadership council to butter the pancakes for the breakfast so they’ve called me back as sister training leader for my last transfer, yes, last transfer. ¬†It feels surreal. ¬†But I’m excited for super awesome intercambios this transfer and to be with Hermana Deeter! ¬†I met her my third transfer, and she’s the only Hermana I’ve met that likes to run, so I think this is one way God is saying I need to get back in shape this transfer.

Mi hijita is all grown up!
Hermana Tyler is leaving me, going to Madrid.

Before all the craziness that transfers always bring, we had one awesome week. ¬†Also one very sick week. ¬†We started the transfer with Hermana Tyler sick and ended with me. ¬†I’m just grateful to be feelin better now. ¬†I thank sweet Mari, who has become my Canarian grandmother for buying me medicine and my caring companion who has had me drink a couple liters of orange juice.

So one miracle this week was with our friend Felipe. ¬†He is extremely religious, and as much food as he has seen as he has read the Book of Mormon and learned about our beliefs, he is super hesitant to any change. ¬†This past week we gave him a little tour of the chapel. At first he was comparing. “Oh that’s similar to this” and so forth. ¬†But I felt I just needed to keep testifying. ¬†As we walked passed the baptismal font, I testified of the happiness I felt when I was baptized. ¬†When we were in the chapel, I shared my testimony of the blessing of taking the sacrament each week. ¬†Each time I felt the Spirit. ¬†And I know he did also. ¬†We ended kneeling in prayer and with sincere words Felipe prayed that God would show him the right path to follow.

Next miracle goes to our awesome Kritsia.  I just love her.  Awhile back we talked to her about member missionary work, and she has been praying for more opportunities to share the gospel and the courage to act.  Well this past week she invited all her college roommates to play volleyball with the missionaries.  How simple.  We had tons of fun and then after went into the chapel and showed a message about Christ.  Again, the chapel.  There is such a special spirit there and her friends felt it too.  One even came to General Conference this weekend!

And the last little miracle I’ll share for the week comes with Alexis.¬† She’s the mother of a recent convert that will be here visiting from Venezuela for the next 2 months. ¬†She had told us she will be baptized next year when she comes to visit. ¬†We accepted it, but not really knowing how extremely prepared this woman is. ¬†She read the gospel principles book in her free time. ¬†She’s ready! ¬†But this week we talked with her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. ¬†We wrapped up 2 presents – the remission of her sins and the gift of the Holy Ghost. ¬†We explained to her they were 2 gifts God gives us after developing faith, repenting, and being baptized. ¬†Before we even invited her, she said with tears in her eyes she wants to be baptized before she leaves. ¬†We are getting in touch with the missionaries down in Venezuela and set a date! ¬†I’m grateful for member missionaries, Christ’s Church that is the exact same worldwide, and the Gospel Principles manual.

I’m grateful for a week where I really had to push myself when I had absolutely no energy and I could have stayed in bed. ¬†I’m grateful to always be able to lean on my Savior. ¬†And I’m so grateful for the big treat we had this week to hear from our prophet and all the leaders of the church.

Go watch or rewatch some conference talks.  Have an awesome week!


Hermana Brooke Devereaux

More pictures from this past week:

This was our little act of service this week to the relief Scoiety president. Good thing she’s fluent in English because I’m not so clever in Spanish with creating words.
Hermana Harper heads home this week. That does a sandwich hug!
Alexy. This is the mom of recent convert Karen.
Libia, Francisca, and lady
Francisca and Kritsia
Libia, Vairon’s grandmother
This picture doesn’t do it justice, but I really like the bus ride on the way to Puerto at sunset.
The wonderful Cozzolino family


Today we went to loro parque! It’s basically sea world. The sea lion show was the best.
Please notice our wet hair thanks to the orca show.
We ran into a family that are members of the church that are here visiting from Ireland! They were incredibly nice, and bought us ice cream and a hat.

That’s all for now. ¬†Have a great week!


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