9/26/16: Todo Bien

Hello friends

Good week here.  This week we spent p-day taking care of a sick Hermana in Saint Cruz and looking everywhere to find a 9 year of life boy a tie for his baptism.  Apparently those are hard to come across here.  But Vayron is so excited for his baptism it was worth it.

Welp, it seems we met with people from every scale of the spectrum this week.  Different beliefs, backgrounds, interests, cultures, hair colors, you name it.  It’s something so cool about the mission, you get to know a little bit of EVERYTHING.  But I have found that every single person has a couple things in common.  We all have things hard that we face. And we are all looking for something that gives us hope and happiness.

I won’t list every problem of every friend we visit, but it’s honestly almost gotten me down this week.  I have been studying the question of all questions this week – why do bad things happen to good people?  And each answer has renewed my testimony of the love God has for us.

But it was sitting at the end of sacrament meeting when it really hit me.  The whole congregation was singing hymn #17 (in Spanish that is).  We were singing the last words on the 3rd verse and maybe it was just me, but it seemed as if the whole congregation sang these lines with a little more thought and meaning, “oh está, todo bien”.  The whole last verse I just felt the strength of all the voices of the people that filled that room, people that I know would call family.  And felt so grateful that even with all the hardships, we have the knowledge of a God who loves us and a ward family full of support.

Then that feeling was quadrupled as we were able to watch the first session of General Conference on Sunday afternoon.  Everyone watch General Conference this weekend.  I literally can’t wait!

Well enough of my soapbox.  I hope everyone has an awesome week!


Hermana Devereaux

This is what came up on my companions duolingo. They’re teaching her the right phrases in Spanish. haha
Here’s us in the elevator. Notice my companions nice curly q in her hair.

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