9/12/16: Li-raf-tah-awk-ey

Hello hello!

This week when we met with Felix we finally helped him overcome his awful memory of forgetting to end in the name of Jesus Christ.  We did so by making a sandwich.  We put out the first piece of bread, and said it is how we start: by addressing Heavenly Father.  Like a sandwich, you choose what goes in the middle.  We can pray straight form our heart.  Just like we can express what we want and need to our Heavenly Father.  And just like it’s important to put on the other piece of bread, that’s how we end: in the name of Jesus Christ.  It was a fun little activity, and hopefully now Felix will never forget!

We also had an awesome lesson with Jonny about the plan of salvation.  2 of the YSA were able to come with us, and their testimonies we so strong as we talked about the power of the Atonement.  It seemed Jonny really realized that God put us in the same path for a reason.  We talked about how we met.  We were about to get off the tram but I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a man and 2 little boys and felt prompted to go talk to them.  He confessed that he would never just give his number out to a stranger, but felt that he needed to know more about the message we sharing.  I’m so grateful for the Spirit, that guides us to be exactly where the Lord needs us to be.

The highlight of the week was of course the baptism of Andrea.  Her mom was one of the first baptized in La Laguna many, many years ago.  She served a mission, married in the temple, but soon her testimony of God was buried underneath all the problems of life.  But throughout this past year, the elders have been working with her a ton and now she is an active member and is bringing her family back into the church, starting with her daughter Andrea.  After she was baptized, she bore a really powerful testimony.  At one point she simply states, “I know that God exists.”  Wow.  Those words seemed to just pierce me right at the heart.  Her beautiful testimony helped me strengthen mine.

Andrea got baptized!


Then on Saturday, we spent a majority of the day getting ready for a big ward party.  We had a cultural night where all of the members brought a typical dish from their home.  We had dishes from the Canaries, mainland Spain, Argentina, Italy, Columbia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay, Germany, Mexico, aaaaand America!  We shared a spiritual message beforehand and talked about a crazy looking animal that had all the best talents of other animals and compared it to the ward family here in La Laguna.  We come from different areas all over the world, with very distinct backgrounds and talents and so forth, and together we make up one very talented family that we can support and learn from!  It was a fun activity and it was great because so many people brought friends, and the members that didn’t bring friends came up and basically apologized, telling why their friend they invited wasn’t able to come.  So all in all, it was a big success!  (Ps- the email title comes from a part of each of the animals that made it up)

Well it was one long, fun filled, hard working week.  Elder Tullis looked at me Saturday night and said simply, “you look exhausted.”  At first I said, “ouch hahah.”  Then I realized just how tired I was.  Serving with your whole heart, might, mind, and strength.  That’s what’s asked of us, right?

Here’s to another awesome week!


Hermana Devereaux

Here are some pictures 🙂

District meeting on the big tv with the Elders in La Palma.
Hermana Tyler with our restoration cups. The church is perfect!
Last time we visited the bishop and his kids, the little girls were obsessed with our chappas – so we made them their own!


The Plan of Salvation: Minion Edition
Our friend victor, from Germany, came running up to us the other week telling us he had something awesome to show us in his broken English….it was his “Apple Watch” hahaha. We finally just got ahold of this gem of a picture.
So the first day we were here and walked past the university we live next to, we made a joke that we were gonna make t-shirts that said “ULL future student”….well today for p-day, we actually did it 😄




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