9/5/16: I’m goin bananas here cause I can’t think of an email title

Hello all, happy Labor Day!

Today we went on a big adventure to the south of the island, to these cliffs called Los Gigantes.  You might know them called as the cliffs of Despair from Princess Bride.  It was beautiful!


Then we went to this monkey park over in Los Cristianos, who knew they eat green beans and not just bananas?


Now to the real exciting stuff!  It was an awesome week.

Our friend Jonny is doing super well.  We met with him on Tuesday and taught the restoration while emphasizing how to find peace in our lives.  I love sharing the message of the restoration with people, and following the spirit so it molds to their lives perfectly.  He loved it and later that week we stopped by to invite him to church and found him taking care of his little 3-year-old son that just got a fever.  In the end he wasn’t able to come to church because he needed to take care of him, but it showed his faith a lot seeing how hard he tried to get there.

Speaking of church, it was a very special fast and testimony meeting.  One, because Felix walked into church with a new suit and white shirt.  It was precious.  And he was sitting by the elders, and as others walked to the front and shared their testimonies, he asked if he could too.  Next thing you know he is walking to the front and I’m sitting there praying because we have never talked about what’s appropriate to share in a testimony in front of the whole congregation.  But my prayer was answered, he shared what he knew to be true straight from his heart, and ended by inviting everyone to his baptism in November (unless they had a family affair, then he would understand) hahaha.

Another beautiful moment was with Jenny.  I absolutely love her and her daughter.  I know that they are a big reason why I’m here.  We went with her to an interview one morning with Bishop to translate.  He asked her to share some of the things she has learned about family history work and the temple.  During Sacrament meeting, she walked up, with me following right behind.  I probably absolutely slaughtered the words but hopefully everyone could feel how strong her love is for that sacred work.  It was a special moment and I’m grateful to have been right there at her side.

This past week we also set a goal to focus on following the Spirit more when contacting.  I have prayed with a lot more faith and energy to be led to the people that God has prepared.  I know Heavenly Father has blessed us a ton because of it.

Hope everyone has an awesome week!


Hermana Devereaux

Here are a few oldies, back from when we went up to Teide.  It was really cool going through the clouds on our way down.



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