8/29/16: El evangelio rodará

Halo friends!

Welp, it was bound to happen after 15 months of having almost perfect health between companions and I.  My companion got sick.

My poor little Hermana Tyler pushed through it as long as she could, then after crashing on the spare bed in a member’s house we realized it was time we better take it easy.

So accomplishments this week is that we have an absolutely beautiful area book, an updated ward list sheet thing, counted how many plan of salvation pamphlets we have in our piso (1,250 to be exact), a giant stack of pass along cards, and a handful of other crafts of different object lessons.

But whenever we did find the strength to go outside, we were blessed with some awesome lessons!  Biggest miracle of all was being able to meet with an old investigator named Paco.  He has been meeting with different elders on and off for almost 3 years.  We were able to talk with him and he shared with us some of the goals he is working for.  It seems like he is in the right moment to really change his life around.

This past Sunday we also had a fireside about missionary work.  We shared a video I had seen back in the MTC, called the gospel rolls forth.  It shows the growth of the church by stakes on a map of the world.  I remember seeing it and feeling so inspired.  The video was created in 2009, so it doesn’t show the little dot to show the Canary Island stake that was created in 2013, just above Africa.  We zoomed into our little area we take up in the world, and talked about just how special it is and how many people the Lord has prepared right here.  The main purpose of the fireside was to get people to not just to talk about the Gospel, but invite.  We invited each member to bring a friend to a ward activity we will have in 2 weeks.  As the bishop testified and members shared experiences, the Spirit was very present there, and I just felt so grateful to be able to serve with all the great members.

Hope everyone has an awesome week!


Hermana Brooke Devereaux

Me and my bird friend, Goosy.
Want to hear a tragic story about this bird? So it’s the pet of our Relief Society President’s kids. (Ps- I am obsessed with the RS Pres here, her name is Sonia). But she was cleaning the bathroom and had a container of water and bleach and the bird decided to dive in and take a bath. Does that sound dangerous? So she gives him a real bath with soap and then blow dries him off and all his feathers were standing straight up and he was just a puff ball. That’s my random story, I thought it was pretty funny.
And the cake my companion dropped on the floor. We chose to laugh instead of cry..

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