8/8/16: Forget yourself and get to work

Hi again, the first line of this email thing is always the hardest to come up with so we are just gunna skip to the chase. 😊

Another good week here, with more to learn.  I caught myself getting a little bit down this week.  The work wasn’t progressing as fast as I would like it, and I felt like I was kind of just drowning in all the things I wasn’t doing well enough.

So I realize how depressing of a paragraph that is, but those are the little doubts Satan tries to put in our heads, especially missionaries.

Then this past Thursday, we went to visit a less active member and one of the youth came with.  She had had kind of a hard day, and I was grateful she still got out the door and was happy to help out the hermanas.  I gave her a hug and told her, “ya know what the cure to everything is?  Forgetting yourself and helping others.”  I said those words and immediately knew I meant them directly to me.

That lesson we talked about faith and hope.  I shared a story that Elder Bednar shared in his visit with us this past May.  It was actually something that the parents of another sister missionary that passed away, shared at their daughter’s funeral.  They shared a story about a famous man that tightropes across Niagara Falls.  Hundreds of people would gather around to watch and cheered him on.  Then he said, this time I’ll do it, but while pushing a wheelbarrow.  All of these people had seen him do it with ease, but when he asked who was willing to get inside the wheelbarrow, no one stepped forward.  These parents, desperate to find peace with their daughters’ death, said they were inside that wheelbarrow, being pushed across a tightrope, hundreds of feet in the air above crashing waves.  That is hope.  And faith in our Savior Jesus Christ.

That story touched me a lot.  I shared this with a woman that is struggling to find herself again.  And realized that I too need to have faith in the one that is pushing me along in the wheelbarrow.

Starting then, I re-motivated myself to be more diligent, faithful and patient.  And look much more for opportunities to serve around me.  The work didn’t just take off, in fact not much changed, but I found myself much more happy while doing it.

I’m grateful to have the chance to serve here.  It still baffles me that I’m here in the middle of the ocean, speaking another language, sharing with others about this wonderful perfect Gospel.  It makes me feel so small, with the reminder that’s exactly how the Lord brings about great things.

I’ll end with a great story of how awful my English grammar has gotten.  (Apologies to past grammatical errors in weekly emails).  We were eating lunch with all the missionaries and someone asked me who all my companions had been.  I say my trainer and then add on who “greenie-breaked” me.  My companion and another new missionary look at me confused.  I tell them that’s what they call your companion after being trained.  They start laughing and say “breaked?”  Then another missionary that has been out for a while, sticks up for my grammar.  They continue laughing and correct us by saying its ‘broke’.

Well with that said, I hope everyone has a very wonderful happy fantastic week!


Hermana Devereaux

Here are some pictures from the week..

This was at our training when the Pack’s were in town.
Our piso is “celestial” clean! Woohoo!
The Packs 🙂
You know you live in a piso that used to be for Elders by the amount of toys you can find in it…
Our EXTREMELY long hallway…
We had family home evening with a family and this is the CUTEST companionship of hermanas I’ve ever seen!

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