7/18/16: WOW…LA LAGUNA

Wow what a week it has been!

This week was full of changes.  For starters, geographically speaking, I went from the farthest northern point of Spain to an island just miles off the coast of Africa.  Wow.

New companion.  On Tuesday we had a meeting for all the trainers.  It was fun to actually be a part of this whole part of the training process this time.  They showed this video of a little polar bear that fell into the water and the mama polar bear jumped in after it, but didn’t push it out of the water.  Instead she stayed right around it, protecting it, but letting it learn for itself.  I hope I can put into practice the “polar bear” approach with my new companion.

So then right after they paired us off with the new missionaries and I found out my new companion is Hermana Tyler!  She is from Tooele County, Utah and is fun and hardworking and laughs when I make a weird joke or when things get hard!  She’s great.  And I’m so grateful to be her companion.  And apparently her aunt went to high school with my mom, so those small world connections are always cool!

So then Wednesday we headed on over to the airport to head to THE CANARY ISLANDS!  I am not even going to mention how much public transportation and walking I had to do this week with all my luggage and other missionaries.  Just know my arms are still sore, haha.

So a 3-hour flight later and an hour closer to Texas time, we landed in La Laguna!  What a different experience it is arriving in a new area with a brand new missionary.  All the missionaries were there waiting for us, including the matrimony couple that is also serving on the island and were so kind to take us back to our piso.  The elders told us they have been getting calls all day from the bishop and members because they are so excited to meet the new sister missionaries.  So we dropped our suitcases off in our apartment and headed straight to the church, which is absolutely precious and yellow, to meet the ward mission leader and bishop and some other members.  I’m so grateful to be serving here with such awesome dedicated and faithful members.  I hope to work as hard as these members deserve!

Aren’t my mission “hija” and the cute yellow capilla here just precious?

So this week has been just one big week of following the spirit, adapting, and getting familiar with a completely different area/companion/climate/and everything.  The scriptures in 1 Nephi 4:6 has come to my head constantly this week.  Nephi, who was in a very different circumstance, seems to relate with me perfect when he said, “And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do.”  I laugh reading this haha, then find so much comfort.  I’ve spent a lot of time on my knees this week, pleading for guidance knowing what is most important to do and just not getting overwhelmed up to my ears.  I’m grateful for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost I’ve felt, and when we get lost or don’t know what to do, I remember instantly Heavenly Father is right there guiding me along.  This week is one big testament that this is His work!  And as I follow the spirit, I can be just a little tool within it.

Well La Laguna is absolutely incredible.  My mom informed me that it is the 2nd most traveled to place in the world.  I don’t know how it is from a tourist perspective, but I sure am grateful to be here serving.  It’s absolutely beautiful, you can see the ocean just from about every view and the green mountains are all around.  But like every area I’ve served, the part that truly captures my heart are the people.  I’ve loved getting to know them little by little and hearing their conversion stories and their beautiful testimonies.  What a strength they are to me.

Wowowowow.  I can’t stop saying wow.

I hope everyone has an awesome week!


Hermana Brooke Devereaux

We have a pretty nice view out our window, and in the afternoon once the fog calms down you can see the ocean.
We found our favorite dessert here. These Nutella filled empanadas from an Italian man around the corner from our piso. They’re dangerous.
So when you are a missionary on an island, you have to do zone trainings through Skype sometimes…which requires a funny selfie. Can you find me?




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