6/29/16: Feliz Día de San Pedro!

Hola a todos!

We got permission to switch our p-day this week because today is a big Spanish holiday today and all the members asked if we could to something together, so that explains the lack of email on Monday.

So to put my head back a week and a half ago when I last wrote, wow a lot has happened!  We have heard close to nothing from Silvestre and Maria.  So we have been pretty worried for them, but have kept working hard and have seen many miracles on the way.

I told y’all a little about this cool teenage girl from Ecuador named Dayana that came to church last Sunday.  She’s doing super good.  On intercambios last week, Hermana Ibáñez and I went and took her brownies to the hospital after she had a little operation on her hip.  It was a great experience because we got to meet the rest of her family and some friends and share with them what we do as missionaries.  It made me remember once again how much I truly love this work, and with any little sacrifice I have made here, I have been blessed 100 times more.

That same day on intercambios, we also met a woman named Evelyn, who’s from Bolivia.  She has a little kid named Liam, and I’ve probably said this before, but I mean it when I say he is the cutest little kid I’ve ever seen.  And he loves fruit, so every time we leave, we leave with a stomach full of fruit, haha.  Well more than fruit and a cute little boy, she is so so prepared.  She has been distanced from God for awhile, but knows that is what she is missing and wants to center her life more on Christ.

Well the mission is great.  I wish I had more time to share experiences.  Zone conference was awesome, we talked a lot about what a successful missionary really is.  It was also super special to be here for Enrique’s baptism.  I love that old man.  Every day is an adventure and I’m just trying to make the most of every second!

Have a great week!

Hermana Devereaux

We had zone conference last week! (Well, 2 weeks ago now!)
Enrique got baptized! He told me this last Sunday, “Hermana Devereaux- you are more than my spiritual hermana, you are a grand friend to me” it just about melted my heart.

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