6/20/16: Salvation ain’t Cheap

What a week it was!  For some reason it decided to go back to February weather and be cold, rainy, and windy for 3 days.  I broke 2 umbrellas and was almost convinced by a member to wear her sketcher shape-ups because my sandals were sopping wet and my feet were so cold, haha.  But today it’s back to summer and we had a nice picnic in the sun at a hidden beach in La Providencia.  That’s Asturias for ya.

Well more than crazy weather, it was probably one of the most dramatic weeks of the mission.  We started the week off having 2 practice baptismal interviews and planning for 3 baptisms this Saturday, but due to many events Maria and Silvestre will be waiting a little longer to be baptized.  We are still super excited to see Enrique be baptized, and that Silvestre and Maria will both continue preparing themselves.

This morning I re-read a talk from Elder Holland called “Missionaries and the Atonement” and it was exactly what I needed to hear.  He makes a joke that the only hard or dangerous part about missionary work should be the risk of pneumonia from being wet in a baptismal font all day haha.  After the roller coaster of emotions and efforts this week, that makes the joke even more funny.  Elder Holland tells us why this work is meant to be challenging.  He said “missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience.  Salvation never was easy.”  It wasn’t an easy experience for our Savior, and we must feel a little microscopic taste of what He felt.  I wish the outcomes of this week had of been different, but I know that Maria, Silvestre, and most certainly I, learned a lot about what the Atonement really means.  Elder Holland ends with this, “I promise that because of your faithful response to the call to spread the gospel, He will bind up your broken hearts, dry your tears, and set you and your families free.”

I’m so grateful for my savior.  I’m grateful I can lean on Him in all of my hardest moments.  I’m grateful for my companion that supported me and made me laugh in all the low points of the week.  I’m grateful for all these experiences on my mission that I know are shaping me to become stronger and more faithful.

But just when you think things are getting bad, God sends you blessings and reminds you how much He loves you.  We have been blessed with meeting some awesome new people!  A cute 17-year-old investigator came to church and we got to go to young women’s because she was there.  And Amanda, who is a recent-ish convert that was grounded for a while and wasn’t allowed to come to church but is now able to come again!  And so many more I wish I was able to share.  Just like Mosiah 24 promises, God visits us and strengthens us in our trials.

I hope everyone has an awesome week!

Hermana Devereaux

Some pictures from this week

Random picture from last week hiking to Cristo
Another picture from last p-day 🙂
Our famous picture from Elder Bednar’s trip to Spain!
Intercambios this week with the wonderful Hermana Snyder (ignore my awful hair – that’s what happens when it pours rain for 3 days straight)
So this past week our water heater went out, and the man to come fix it said he would be there between the hours of 4-7. Well that doesn’t work very well with missionary schedules, so this is how many cards we wrote our information on by the time he finally came. Bright side, we will be good on pass along cards for the rest of the transfer and we don’t have to take ice cold showers!


Another good day at the Providencia!


Elder Maxfield said, “What’s more awkward… the gap between the rocks or the missionaries?”

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