5/30/16: Goodbye Hermana Rossberg 😢

Welp, just like that, we start another transfer!  Saturday morning, we were hoping to not get a phone call from president (because we knew that meant he would be releasing one of us as a sister training leader and transfer us to another area), but 5 minutes before studies ended the phone rang and he told us what would happen.  After 3 awesome transfers with Hermana Rossberg, and as much as he knew we would love to stay together, he is bringing her back down to Madrid for her last transfer.  And for me, I will stay in Gijón (whoop whoop) and be the one and only sister training leader and I will be greenie breaking (missionary lingo for being companions with someone for their 3rd transfer) Hermana Otto.  And it is super cool because Hermana Braun was her trainer just like me!  Hermana Otto is super cute, she is from Indiana and is a convert to the church of 2 years.  She went on a study abroad her senior year of high school and a new friend shared with her a restored truth and it touched her heart so much she was baptized a few months after.  Share the gospel with everyone!  I am excited for a good transfer with her.

So starting Saturday morning, it was a bunch of running around saying goodbyes for Hermana Rossberg.  These members here are so awesome.

We keep pushing forward with our investigators.  The strength of every one of them has amazed me.  We had some really powerful lessons with Maria this week.  We taught more about Gods perfect plan he has for us and how we can put our lives more in harmony with his teachings.  And although that often means sacrificing various habits, she has the desires to follow her Savior, Jesus Christ.

We also had a really cool district meeting this past week.  Our district leader asked us to study diligence and humility in preach my gospel and then we simply just shared what we learned.  It’s so cool to me how much we can learn from others, and mostly the things that aren’t said at all, but are just little thoughts that come to us through the Holy Ghost.  I realized the best thing I can do to stay diligent is to look for all the blessings my Heavenly Father constantly gives me.

I’m so so grateful to be a part of this incredible work.  I know I say that every week, but I’m just constantly amazed by the little tender mercies God gives us as He brings to pass His great work.

Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Hermana Devereaux

Here are some pictures from this week!

I cumplir’ed 1 year in the mission. Weird. That called for pancakes shaped in the number 1!


Peque is my favorite little girl ever. If I were 7, we would be best friends.


The gang going to Mikes Burgers one last time before transfer calls. (Also -excuse my baldness, we forget umbrellas and it started dumping buckets on the way there).
This past Saturday we were in charge of the mutual activity over missionary work!
Last sleepover in the living room and chocolate cereal to wake up to.
Peque and Daniella
Leni, Manuel, and Peque
Our choir group!


So Liz is obsessed with my little ponies, and I mean obsessed!  And so she begged us to teach her how to make rainbow cupcakes.  I haven’t just learned a lot about missionary work here in Gijon, but way more than I need to know about ponies and how to make frosting and cake batter from scratch with no recipe haha.




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