5/23/16: No coincidences, just tender mercies

Good week here, we are now heading into the last week before transfers again and I can’t believe how fast it’s gone.

Our new friend Maria is doing really good. ¬†She came to church on Sunday and really enjoyed it. ¬†Her and the Elders’ investigator, Josef, were sitting next to each other and we were sitting right behind. ¬†I could see the side of Josef’s face just beaming as the teacher was talking about baptism and I leaned over and told Elder Lords that and then he leans back and says your’s is crying. ¬†Good moment. ¬†But I’ve learned a lot while visiting Maria. ¬†Including how to make a Spanish tortilla. ¬†It’s about time!

We also met with Manuel a couple of times this week.¬† On Wednesday night when we walked in, little Peque shouts, “hermanas, tengo la sorpresa m√°s bonita!” ¬†And goes on to tell us this “pretty surprise” was seeing Manuel read the scriptures the night before. ¬†It was just the most absolute adorable thing ever. ¬†And we were happy to see there was no way that Manuel was lying about keeping the commitments we’ve extended.

We also had intercambios again this week. ¬†I was with Hermana Ib√°√Īez.¬† She taught me more hip Spanish lingo and together learned more about being better, more consecrated servants. ¬†Then finished the day off with a big slumber party in the living room. ¬†And it just so happened that the elders had intercambios too, so we all woke up early to play soccer and eat French toast after. ¬†It was fun to be around all the missionaries for a little bit.

Intercambios.. So we saw how many mattresses we could fit in our living room.


I wanted to share a really sweet moment that happened this week. ¬†One night we were heading home and it started raining relatively hard. ¬†I see a couple yards in front of me, a woman trying to keep cover with her little purse, so I ran up and put my umbrella over her. ¬†She wrapped her arm around mine, and I told her we could walk her home. ¬†She asks us the typical “de donde sois?” question and compliments our mediocre Spanish and then tells us a little bit about her life. ¬†Turns out her husband passed away a couple of months ago from Alzheimer’s. ¬†I asked her if she was religious. ¬†She said of some sort. ¬†Then looked at me and asked so sincerely if I believed her husband was looking over her right then. ¬†I simply said “yes” and that I knew they will see each other again one day. ¬†It was so simple but the Holy Ghost testified to me of the truthfulness of those words so strongly. ¬†She disappeared moments after, but I know there is a reason that Heavenly Father put me on that street to tell another one of his children a little message from him.

I hope everyone has a great week!


Hermana Devereaux

Here are some pictures from this week…

Today we went to this pueblo called Llastres. It was super pretty!


We are guessing this is how / where they did their laundry in the olden days… Or now because the water still worked?
This is how you proselyte in Spain!
I love my compi and the coast of Spain!
We found this flag. We decided it must be the Llastres flag so we took a picture with it.


I’m really happy in this picture!



It says “one of the prettiest towns in all of Spain”

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