5/9/16: I ❤️ mom


First and foremost, Happy Mother’s Day!  Yesterday I got to talk to my mama and the rest of the family and it was awesome to hear their voices and see their faces more than in just pictures.  So so grateful for them.

Skyping with my family!

Well, I’m not going to take too much time this week, but I’ll try to give a short re-cap.  Last Monday we headed to Madrid for the leadership meeting that was on Tuesday.



Then Tuesday night we headed back up to Leon.  Wednesday we did intercambios with the hermanas there.  I was with Hermana Melton, who is just the cutest and most hard-working Hermana ever.  I loved being with her and it was good to be able to talk about the training she’s doing and how the mission is going and whatever advice I could try to give, but I pm pretty sure I learned a whole lot more from her!  Then Wednesday night we had interviews with President Pack.  I have grown to love and respect that man so much.  Then Thursday morning we had our zone training!

Zone Conference

And por fin, we arrived back in Gijon on Thursday night.  We missed our area so much.  But we were just filled of good spiritual animo to go apply.  We ran around the rest of the week trying to make up for all the days out of town.  Thursday we had a good lesson about the priesthood with our ward mission leader and right after we ran over to President Florin and Gladis’ house to meet with Linda.  Such a powerful lesson.  And she decided she wants to be baptized on July 16th!  Friday night we had our weekly noche de Rama, and this month the young women’s are in charge.  So we helped Liz plan the lesson.  She’s 12 years old and obsessed with My Little Ponies, so we had her create the whole plan of salvation out of pony drawings.  She explained all of it so well, I was just a proud mom!

Noche de Rama with Liz and her drawings


Then yesterday I gave a surprise talk in church about how we can show our Savior how grateful we are.  I thought about my mom, who has given me absolutely everything and has all been there to support me and has loved me unconditionally.  Every time Mother’s Day, or a birthday or Christmas rolls around, I’m always stumped on what to give her, because no gift is sufficient.  But I know the gift my mom wants of me more than anything, is to simply just obey.  That’s exactly how we can show our Savior how grateful we are for Him.  He told us, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.”

I’m so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to serve my Savior.  I am constantly amazed at how much He truly knows and loves each one of us.


Hermana Devereaux

P.S. Can someone please let me know if the rodeo in Calgary is actually bigger than Houston’s? I had a nice little debate with a Canadian man named Bob about this in the street the other day, haha. The Texas pride hasn’t worn off!


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