4/25/16: All For the God I Love Most

It was the week of transfers and the news is in…. Hermana Rossberg and I are both staying! We just started jumping up and down with excitement right there on the street! We were both a little nervous because we have already been together 2 transfers and we wanted to stay together longer.  Obsessed with Gijon and love my companion to death. It’ll be a great transfer! After we had gotten home our branch president called us and told us how happy he is that we’re both staying here and then he asked Hermana Rossberg to talk in church the next morning about sacrifice, which we were both really excited to study about and we felt like it was perfect for the members here. We had heard a lot of excuses about why they can’t do their home and visiting teaching, or about why they can’t obey the commandments with more exactness, or whatever their excuse is. Then for me, I have just realized more than ever lately that my mission is much more of a blessing than any form of sacrifice.

There is this song that all the missionaries have to work out to with pump up music and a bunch of awesome quotes from prophets and apostles, we love it. Haha. But one of the parts is my absolute favorite and has stuck out to me since the first time I heard it. President Monson said, “The greatest decision I ever made in my life was to give up something I dearly loved to the God I loved even more.” God blesses us when we put him first. If that means we sacrifice a little or maybe even a lot, he will just bless us even more! This year and a half might have been the most challenging parts of my life up until this point, maybe I put off a year and a half of school or any fun thing with friends, or the hardest of all, not being with my family, but I have learned more and experienced more being here on the mission than anything else I could’ve been doing. It is by far more a blessing than a sacrifice, and I am eternally grateful.

So I wanna tell y’all about a little miracle from this week. We usually write down a couple addresses of old investigators each week that we try to pass by, and she was one of them this week. We passed by a couple times throughout the week with no luck. On Sunday afternoon we decided to pass by one more time, and she was so excited to see us! It had been about 5 years since she met with the missionaries, and she stopped meeting with them because of some family problems she was facing. But I’m so grateful for The Lord sending us to her right now because it is obvious how prepared she is! She remembered a lot of what the missionaries taught her before. We taught about the restoration and when we explained how we have a living prophet on the earth today she said, “oh yeah, Thomas S. Monson!” We’re really excited to keep meeting with her. Miracles.

We planned a great lesson for our branch FHE this week. We taught the lesson about missionary work (shocker). We made a cake and related it to the gospel. Obviously the best way to share the gospel with others is by giving them one bite at a time. But a lot of times when sharing the gospel, we don’t share it simply, instead we end up throwing cake in their faces. So we had Elder Johnson help us out, and we all threw cake at him. It was a blast!

Our missionary struggle for the day/week happened as we were leaving our piso this morning. We live on the 5th floor and so I got in the elevator to go down as my companion was still closing the door of our piso. The door of the elevator started closing and my companion tried to stick her hand in the door to close it, but it wouldn’t open back up! So as the elevator starts going down I’m trying to hit all the buttons trying to get it to stop. Finally it stops on the second floor and so I run out and book it up the stairs as fast as I can dying of laughing. #missionaryprobs

Alright, love y’all lots! Have a great week!


Hermana Devereaux

More pictures:

What we thought would be our last District meeting together, but then we all stayed!
Real Mama D’s cookies!

That’s all this week!


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