4/11/16: Soy una hija de Dios

Hello hello!

Short letter today but I just wanted to send a little something to y’all once again about how much the gospel blesses families.

This Saturday night we had a little bit more time before heading back home so we stopped by to see Maria.  She was home with her 2 kids; Ruby and David.  They’re from Romania and her kids have only been in Spain for about a month so they don’t speak Spanish very well yet.  But we sang the children’s song “Families can be Together Forever” and “I Am a Child of God” and taught them how to pray.  Looking at these 2 precious little kids folding their arms and squeezing their eyes shut as tight as possible just made them so happy to know that they can talk to God and that he’s listening.  It touched me so much.  They came to church the next day and that same feeling came back.

The Gospel blesses families.  It’s that simple.  I know this because I’ve seen it in my own family.  I don’t know who or where we would be without the gospel.  I’m grateful for each of them and for all their support.  I’m proud of them.  And I’m happy that they are the ones I get to spend eternity with.

Love you all!

Hermana Devereaux

Here are some pictures from my week 🙂

This is where we have Sunday dinner every week- at our Branch President’s house.
President asked us what kind of food we wanted. This is what he cooked us.


I’m obsessed with this city and our P-day adventures!


My “mom and sister” of the mission
Do they look familiar? When we stayed in the mission home for the concilio, it just so happened to be the last night of Hermana Butler and Calderón before they head for their missions in Utah.
Getting breakfast ready for concilio
The whole gang
The hermanas in Leon surprised me with a birthday cake getting out of the shower


Typical zone conference pictures 🙂

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