3/7/16: Refiners Freezer

Hello, I’m sure y’all are all waiting anxiously to hear about transfer calls😉, so I’ll go ahead and say it- I’m staying here in Gijón with Hermana Rossberg!  I’m super excited to have another transfer here, I love serving with a best friend and another bonus is, I’m in an awesome city.

So the north of Spain is often referred to by missionaries as the “refiners fire” because of the difficulty finding people to teach and very few members in such a big area.  Well this week, Hermana Rossberg and I figured out they were wrong and that it’s actually the refiners freezer, haha.  After a week long of freezing cold wind and rain, it really makes you stop and think about the “why” of what you are doing.  But if that ever came into my head, I was quickly reminded how much I love doing this work and love the people we are surrounded by.  I have grown to love these people so much, that even “pillow talk” between me and Hermana Rossberg has turned into conversations of what we can teach different people next and what we can do to help them.  I absolutely love it!

So this week Fernando told us he had some some doubts about the power from God that worthy men in the Church can receive, called the priesthood.  He asked the simple and very important question of why women don’t “have” this authority in the Church.  I was excited to study the topic more and help Fernando grow his testimony.  I was quickly reminded that men aren’t the authority, but are only holders of it.  But the power is straight from Jesus Christ and we all receive blessings from it.  It’s the power that God created the world, it’s the power that blesses the sacrament every week, and the power that set me apart as a missionary to preach the Gospel!  God gave men the enormous responsibility to be worthy to hold this power.  I love the example of 2 hands- they are the exact same, but in fact they are exact opposites.  And that’s how men and women are.  The same, but have different responsibilities.  I was so grateful for this lesson to once again teach me how incredible this power is and how grateful I am to be a member of this church.  I’m grateful for all the examples in my lives of worthy priesthood holders and can’t wait for Fernando to continue learning and one day be able to perform these ordinances like blessing the sacrament.  He has taught me much more than I could have ever taught him!

Well I hope everyone has a great week!  Love you all!

Hermana Devereaux

P.S. A couple common phrases that change converting them from Spanish to English that make me laugh a lot, some things should just not be translated hahah..

– Go to a hike is “why don’t you go fry an asparagus”

– Walking on eggshells is “walking with lead feet”

– Raining cats and dogs is “raining pitchers”

– The early bird gets the worm “people that wake up, get helped by God”

– Oh and not a phrase, but teenagers just say ‘lol’ instead of saying each letter.  And they have no idea that it comes from ‘laugh out loud’ haha

Alright, that’s enough of my Spanish rants, I love Spanish!!!

We are happy because we can email from our piso 😊
Una “parrilla” of meat. Let’s just say the elders had to help me with this one.

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