2/29/16: Daniel

It’s Monday again!

Another great week here.  We started it off with intercambios with the Hermanas from Oviedo.  I was companions with the awesome Hermana Birnbaumer.  She is from Bolivia and taught me so much in one afternoon.  More than anything, how much she connects with every person she talked to.  And of course intercambios mean 2 extra people in the piso without a bed.  So last p day we thought we would try to buy an air pump, couldn’t find that, so we settled for a balloon pump.  Yes, we filled an entire air mattress with a little plastic balloon pump.  Sadly, I think that was the best arm work out I’ve ever had during morning exercises haha.

Looking back on this week, we feel really happy about the progress some of our friends have made.  We feel that they are all in a place where they can really grow!  I don’t know how much I’ve said about one of our investigators, Jose Manuel.  He has so much faith in God and love for the bible!  He has been meeting with the missionaries for a while now and absolutely loves everything that has been shared.  This week we read the very well-known story about Daniel and the lions’ den and talked a little about courage.  Everyone should go read Daniel 6, but I’ll just share verse 23:

“Then was the king exceeding glad for him, and commanded that they should take Daniel up out of the den.  So Daniel was taken up out of the den, and no manner of hurt was found upon him, because he believed in his God.”

Daniel had to stay in a den of lions for a whole night but wasn’t harmed because of his faith in God!  Later on in the chapter it says, “He delivereth and rescueth.”  God has all power to deliver and rescue us, no matter our situation/background/etc.  I’ve heard this story ever since I was little, but a comparison I never thought about was that Daniel only had to stay in the den of lions one night… Which maybe throughout those 10 hours or so seemed forever.  But in the grand scheme of things, it was absolutely nothing.  And that’s how it is with all the trials God gives us.  He doesn’t cause them but allows them to happen for a little bit so we have opportunities to grow.  They may seem impossible to solve or like they never end but God is always there, like the king was- praying for us and looking over us waiting for morning so He can swoop in and rescue us out of the “den of lions” and save us.  I loved, loved, loved this lesson with Jose Manuel.  I hope he got as much out of it as me.

Well, this past Friday we got a text message letting us know that we were able to move into to another apartment that a senior companionship of missionaries lived in before.  That meant no more cold showers and having comp studies over our heater!  We were so excited so we packed all our stuff up as quickly as possible and hauled our stuff over on our office chairs and little shopping carts.  That was a sight.  But very grateful to be in a warm piso.  And definitely an eventful way to end a crazy busy transfer.

As many as you know, my sister got married this past Saturday.  I’m so so happy for her and Jeff!  It was about 6 o clock my time Saturday when I looked down at my clock and realized that my family was all together in the temple and they were being married for time and all eternity.  At that moment we were in a lesson just finishing up teaching the plan of salvation to a woman and her boyfriend.  It was the coolest experience bearing my testimony to them of the importance of eternal marriages and families to this couple as my sister was doing that very thing.  I know the temple is the house of God.  I’m so proud of Jordan and Jeff and for the promises they made to one another.  I hope that Leni and Manuel can make the same goal and make it to the temple one day.  No matter the difficulty getting there, or the challenges that can pass after, the promises made there are sacred and true and the most important things in this life.  I am so grateful Heavenly Father gave me the opportunity to be a tool of helping this couple get to the temple, just as He has blessed Jordan and Jeff with the same opportunity.  Just one more sign to me that I am exactly where Heavenly Father wants and needs me to be.

Love you all, thanks for all your love and support.  I love reading your letters and updates.  Y’all are the best ever.

Hermana Devereaux


Here are some pictures from this week!

For my “hump day” (or half way mark of the mission) Hermana Rossberg made me camel French toast and read me this letter all about the similarities between camels and missionaries.




Oh, and later that day I set a skirt on fire and burnt it. Mission traditions are weird!