2/8/16: A trip back to La Coruña

Hello friends!

It has been one crazy incredible week!

So I arrived in Gijon last Monday afternoon and it has just been one awesome thing after another.

I have loved getting to meet my companion, all the incredible members here, and the different people that we are teaching.  I have only been here a week, but it’s crazy how fast you grow to love someone when teaching them the Gospel.  And it makes it even easier, when they are just awesome!

I don’t have much time today, but I want to tell about the incredible opportunity we had to meet with a member of the 70, Elder Moreda.  He had a special conference with all the missionaries in Madrid and then came up north to meet with all of us in Coruna.  Does that city ring any bells?!  It was my first area!  I never thought I would have the opportunity to go back there until after my mission, so I was so incredibly excited.  We took the nice 5-hour bus ride Thursday night, and then the conference was Friday.  I love being gathered as a big group of missionaries and just feeling all of their strengths and testimonies.  Elder Moreda gave us a lot of pointers on how we can be better as a mission.  President Pack has been talking to us about our “mission culture”.  And that we want us to have a culture of obedience, teaching with the Spirit, and teaching repentance so we baptize those that have truly converted.  I’m excited to really apply all the things that I learned.  Elder Moreda motivated us to replace our doubts with faith.  We know that they can’t reside together, and if we are asking for miracles, we can’t have that kind of attitude.  Especially serving in the north, there is a tendency in this mission to go out with an attitude that it’s a “hard area” and that there isn’t as much work.  Elder Moreda told us, no!  I have always loved the north of Spain, and it just fueled me up once again that miracles really happen in this
part of Gods Kingdom!

After the big meeting we got to have a special meeting with Elder Moreda & his wife with President Pack & his wife, the zone leaders, and the sister training leaders. It was incredible!!!

So the leadership meeting after ran a little late, and we missed the last bus back to Gijon. We were forced to stay in la Coruña one more night and leave early the next morning. I grabbed the phone of one of the missionaries serving there to make sure the members I knew were all coming to the weekly “family home evening” activity.  It was so fun to see all the people I met in La Coruna.  That place will always be home to me! Then the next morning we caught the bus early and headed back to Gijon with lots of excitement to apply all the things we learned.  Minus all the hours spent in buses and trains this week, it has seemed like nonstop running and learning.

When we found out there was no more buses that night back to our areas and had to stay the night in a Coruna. I’m sure you can imagine how devastated I was!
From super nice hotel beds to sleeping on couch cushions. I never thought I would be back in my old piso!
And I got to see Andrea!!!! Her mom was working and couldn’t come, but it was awesome to see Andrea. I love her so much!
Here are some of my favorite people from Coruna, the young women!
Isolina left her carnaval (some spaniard holiday) to come! She’s the best!
And I got to see Esperanza!
Katy!! It was so good to see her.
And the funniest couple ever that are FINALLY getting married in a week!

I am so grateful for every day here in the mission.  I’m grateful to be here to represent my Savior and wear his name everyday.  I hope everyone has a great week!  Next week I promise to share more about the awesome people here, not just about La Coruna, haha.

Hermana Devereaux


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