2/1/16: Adios Azuqueca!

Hello to all!

It was an awesome week!  We had intercambios with the Alcala missionaries.  It was my first time having intercambios and my own companion was still with me.. Trios haha.  But I loved being with Hermana Romero and Hermana Turina and exploring Alcala a little bit more.  We taught a lesson about family history and I think the lesson was actually for me, haha.  Hermana Turina showed me the little book she made with stories and pictures of her and her family 4 generations back.  Now, Hermana Turina is from Tahiti and lives literally 10 feet from the ocean and her book is much more exotic than mine ever will be, BUT it completely inspired me!  Especially remembering the why behind family history work.


We came back home, and got to work.  We were on the hunt to find new investigators.  And not just anyone, but the people the Lord has really prepared.  Throughout the whole time I’ve been in Azuqueca, we have been planning on knocking the doors of this giant apartment building.  We felt that it was finally time.  Now from past experience, I’ve learned that God sometimes likes to see how far we can go until He pours out all His blessings.  But that day, He cut us a break and the first door we knocked we met sweet Rosa.  Rosa is 24 and studying accounting and is the happiest thing ever.  She answered, told us she wasn’t going to answer but said that she felt like she needed to, and the second she saw us, she knew why.  The Lord is preparing His children, there’s nothing more to it!  We meet with her this past weekend, and I honestly don’t think I’ve been in a lesson that has gone better, and I’ve felt the spirit teach so clearly and so powerfully.  So, we decided that we owed Heavenly Father a very very big thank you!  So we knocked every other door in that building throughout the rest of the week.  All 88 of them!  And now the new nickname for that building is paradise.

Well, I guess I better cut to the chase, haha.  Saturday morning, we got a wonderful call from President.  We all thought he was calling to update Hermana Butler on the news of her visa, but no, instead he asked for me.  Interesting, I thought.  He said, “Sister Devereaux, you having been serving for 8 months now and might even consider yourself young in the mission.  But the Lord has a new assignment for you.  He needs you back up north, in Gijon, and to serve as the sister training leader there.”  That was the last thing I thought would happen during transfers, but of course, I accepted the call, and now am sitting on another train back up to the north of Spain.  I feel like my time in Azuqueca was very short, but the north of Spain stole my heart first so I couldn’t be happier to know I would be going back up to the north, but this time in the Leon District, in another coast city!

Sergio, our ward mission leader, had ALL the Azuqueca missionaries, including the elders from Alcala, over for lunch.  Sergio said he needs a bigger house to fit all of us.  We cooked fajitas together… So my heart and my tummy was very happy.


Elder Bailey said we needed to document our shared talent before I leave Azuqueca.  He will be staying the district/zone leader for his 5th transfer in Azuqueca!


I’ve already called the first presidency and told them these 3 girls need to be assigned to the Houston Texas mission, along with all the other youth in this ward.  I’ve loved working with them and seeing their testimonies grow.


My first apology of many for smiling so big, what can I say?  These people are the best!  I love the Piñeiro family and their daughter is another one who will one day serve in Houston.  Oh and the night before they told me, “you’re really cool for being from Utah.”  I laughed and reminded them I’m from Texas.  Sorry to all of those that are reading this and are from Utah. 😅


Alizon and her kids, who also happen to be our neighbors.  She would cook us a gourmet lunch any day if we let her.


My Spainard Grandma.


And my Spaniard Grandpa.  After we took this picture, he said, “Ah they all turn out the same.  I’m more guapo in real life.”  Hahah


One of the many kids that I have fell in love with in this ward.  Ethan calls me Hermana “de Verdad” because he can’t pronounce my last name haha


And another with the Santana family!  Miriam will also be joining the Houston Texas mission. (;


Well, I have learned so much these past 3 months here in Azuqueca.  Transfers are always bittersweet.  I’m grateful for what I’ve learned from my companions.  For being here for Alvaros baptism.  For getting to know all the faithful members.  For sharing my “mission Christmas” here with them.  And now to another chapter of my mission in Gijon!  I hope everyone has a great week and embraces all the changes in life right along with me!

Hermana Devereaux

Here are a few more pictures from this past week!

Last noche de hogar (Family Home Evening) with Walter, Elisabeth, and Maribel.
Look at cute little Miriam doing her exercises in the sun. If this doesn’t make ya smile, I don’t know what will!
Me voy a azuqueca!


My companions dropping me off at the train station this morning.



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