1/11/16: Who’s the 3rd Hermana in my photos?

Hello friends!
Sorry for no email last week, we had completely run out of time.  We had an activity in the church for 3 Kings Day last Monday and that filled up our p-day.  But the party went super good and lots of investigators came!   The hermanas won the contest between us and the elders for “best dressed” so we are still thinking of what we want our prize to be.
Then Monday night we had a lesson with an old investigator named Indris.  He’s from Sierra Leon and has been living in Spain for quite some time.  His 4-year-old son LOVES Michael Jackson and showed us all his dance moves.  We are excited to keep meeting with him.
Tuesday we had a visit planned with a man from Peru.  We showed up at 12:30 and he answered the door and said, “Come back in an hour. I am cooking y’all food!”  Well I can never turn down Peruvian food, so we did and then got to share a message with him after.  This man loves his mama, so we related on many topics haha.  Tuesday night we had English classes, and after we taught a lesson to Galo.  Galo is my favorite person ever!   This week he has progressed so rapidly.  Tuesday night we downloaded the application on his phone with the scriptures and all of the conference talks and videos and he loved it!  He is super embarrassed to read, so when he found out he can click a button and it will read for him- his face was priceless.  That is why we have technology!
Wednesday we had interviews with President.  I love President Pack!  Just being in the same room with them is wonderful.  Well at the end of the interview, President Pack tells me he has a special assignment for Hermana Romero and I- a sweet new missionary will be joining us that evening!  I was so excited!  So that night, the Packs dropped off little Hermana Butler at our piso.  She was born in Scotland, but moved to Villalva (a little city north of Madrid) when she was 3.  She will be serving in the Provo mission but is waiting for her visa so will be with us for the time being.  So now we are 3 and Hermana Romero and I have our cute little baby.  By the way, she speaks perfect English and Spanish already so that’s cool.
Well the day she got there, was Kings Day.  Which is even bigger than Christmas here, so we did lots of celebrating.  One of the traditions is to eat the cake and hidden inside is a little doll.  Whoever bites into wins this crown and supposedly has good luck for the rest of the year or something like that… And for the first time in my life, I won a contest like that so I’m excited to see what this “good luck” brings me haha.
Thursday we went to the training meeting in Pavones, and it’s always good to see the temple.  Since we are now training, we will start the 12-week program.  I’m so excited to get back to the basics and have more time for practices and receive more revelation for the people we are teaching.  The meeting just got us all pumped. Also special surprise at the temple was running into the Lovells (the MTC President) who finish their mission in a week.  We got a group of the missionaries together and sang “God Be With You Til We Meet Again“.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry.  I love that couple.  And they helped me so much at the beginning of my mission.
Then Thursday night was fun because we finally got to show Hermana Butler around Azuqueca (and when I say show, I mean the people, because there’s hardly anything in Azuqueca haha).  So we met with Alvaro and his family, had classes and Galo came again, and that night shared the “Family Mission Plan” with some members.

Do you see what time it is on my clock? 10:00?!?! Church starts at 10:30 and Alvaro showed up at 9:58 to be ready to pass the sacrament! We were so proud!

Saturday and Sunday we met with 2 women for the first time that are members, but haven’t been coming to church in quite a while.  It was obvious that the Lord has been preparing both of them little by little to come back.  We felt so blessed to meet with them especially after fasting this past Sunday for the specific reason to find the less actives that have been waiting for that extra little push to come back.  The power of fasting is so real!
Well it truly has been an incredible week, one of the busiest of my mission probably.  I’m so happy that Hermana Butler is here with us (and that after my mission I can be her ‘member present’ in Provo haha).  I’m so happy to be a part of this incredible work.  I love being a missionary.  At the beginning of my mission I thought the indescribable feeling would ware off when I looked at my name tag, or remember that I’m here in Spain.  But I was so wrong!  God is so so good.
I hope everyone has a great week, be better today than you were yesterday!
Hermana Devereaux

These are from the “3 Kings Day” activity. Yes we had real wise men come!


These next pictures are from our P-Day in Toledo!  Toledo is about 30 minutes south of Madrid.

TOLEDO! I’m obsessed with this beautiful city and I can’t wait to take my family here!


Fails of a jumping picture. Oh and our investigator Galo is so cool that he drove us all the way there!


This is a random man we met named Morris that paints portraits of the look out point and sells them. We became great friends!

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