12/7/15: Christmas Love ❤️

Howdy everyone!

It was the first week that we could “legally” celebrate Christmas. And as a missionary, it’s even more exciting! I hope everyone has seen the new Christmas video: A Savior is Born. I have seen it probably over 50 times by now, and each time something different stands out to me. I love that it is children speaking. I love the titles that have been given to Jesus – my favorite lately – Prince of Peace. I love the transition in the video when the boy says, “¡alégrate mucho!” (Well, I always watch it in Spanish.  It’s “Rejoice greatly!” in English, or something like “be happy?” Haha). Every time I hear that I want to jump up and tell everyone how great our Lord and Savior is.

Watch the new Christmas video: A Savior is Born.


This is Presidente Gómez and his family. He is president of the Madrid East Stake. We eat together every Thursday.

More things Christmas – Christmas pass along cards! We were anxiously waiting all week for our zone conference this past Thursday to receive our new Christmas tarjetas! When the zone leaders pulled them out, Hermana Romero literally gasped. I hope that shows how little things brings us joy as missionaries, haha!

And last thing Christmas before I move on with the rest of this letter is something super cool that Presidente Gomez shared with us this week. He’s the president of the Madrid East Stake (several wards make up a stake in our church) and had a big evening that morning where someone shared this thought. He first wrote on the board “Christmas Love”. Then asked us to make different words and things out of the letters. The majority of us started with c and put something like charity, then h for home, and different things like that. Then Presidente Gomez flipped the m upside down and it now wrote “Christwas love”. Then separated the 2 words and we are left with “Christ was Love”. And that is the true meaning of Christmas! Not the gifts, the tree, or even the fancy Christmas pass-along cards for missionaries, haha. It is about remembering our Savior and the life He lived for us, which was of complete love.

As missionaries, we dedicate all of our time to the Lord – minus the 8 hours of sleeping at night I suppose haha. But what we actually do with our time is what really matters. And where we put our attention is a lot more complicated than what you first think. A lot of time we get caught up with only working with people investigating the church. We think, that is our responsibility right now. But throughout my mission, and especially here in Azuqueca, I have realized how important it is to work with the members. There are members with struggling testimonies, others that are sick, and others that are so stressed out that they are forgetting the little things that bring joy. They are just as much my “responsibility” as anyone. And I am here to serve and love them. And I’ve also found that most want to be involved in missionary work! A lot of times they just don’t know how to start. So our goal this transfer has been to spend less time in the street, and more time in the homes of members.

We had some incredible experiences with different members this week. We stopped by a member’s home on Tuesday night simply to show her family the new Christmas video. We found out that her home was being taken away from her and she had to move immediately. To add to that, a bunch of other trials were piled onto her plate. She was beginning to ask herself, “Where is God?” The video didn’t resolve her problems, and our testimonies didn’t heal her heart, but I know that she was able to find some hope at least. And that’s what Christ does. He comforts us through all our heart ache, because Christ is love! We were able to visit her several times throughout the rest of the week, helping pack, and talking with her. Heavenly Father loves her so much and I’m so glad that he was able to send me this week to give her a hug.

This transfer was super short with only 4 weeks instead of 6 since Christmas is soon. Shocker, I’m staying in Azuqueca! I’m so happy I have 2 more months (at least) in this little city with Hermana Romero.

Have a great week!


Hermana Devereaux

PS. Everyone wish my mom a happy birthday this Wednesday!


Today for our PDay, we went to Parque de Europa with Hermanas Vasa and Graff:

We went to Paris today!
This is some fountain in Italy I think.  Dad?
Have y’all seen the Lizzie McGuire movie? ..”this is what dreams are made of..hey hey hey.” You can’t see the coin, but I’m throwing one into the fountain. (I’ll tell y’all my wish.. That Belen gets baptized😉)


We were sick of taking normal pictures. Hermana Vasas is my favorite!
Transfers were announced last Saturday, and I get to stay with Hermana Romero for at least 8 more weeks!

Have an awesome week!


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