11/30/15: The Diablo Burger

Hey Everybody!

It’s official, Alvaro is the newest member of the church as of yesterday at about 10 am! His baptism was this past Saturday, and it couldn’t have been more special. His aunts, uncles, and cousins all came. And guess who else?! His mama! She had never come to church before- did I say it was a special day?! Alvaro shared a few words afterwards and it was the most sincere testimony I’ve ever heard. And from a 13 year old boy.

At the Madrid temple with Alvaro
At the Madrid temple with Alvaro

A not so spiritual part of the baptism is that the projector didn’t work so we couldn’t show the short video we wanted to… so the mission leader had this great ideal that the missionaries would sing… How many of y’all are laughing at the site of that? Yes, Brooke sang in front of a chapel full of people… and let’s just say the other missionaries weren’t singing very loudly haha!!  Anyways, I at least don’t think it took away from the Spirit!

Afterwards, we all went over to Alvaro’s house for a big Peruvian lunch. Alvaro’s dad gave a little speech before and thanked Hermano Arjona, his family home teacher who baptized Alvaro, for baptizing his son and fulfilling his dream since the day he was born. As he said those words with tears in his eyes, I felt so much love for this man. As he is going through the repentance process and centering his life around Christ, he has completely changed. I can’t wait to see the changes he continues to make and when one day he will be worthy to baptize his daughter.

And Thanksgiving! We had a big “Thanksgiving” lunch with a family from the ward, the Tello’s. They were so sweet! She said not one supermarket sold turkey, so a big chicken would have to do. Buuut, somehow she had the same old box of stuffing that everyone in America uses. It was all super good, and with a little Peruvian kick haha. Just like at home, we went around the table and shared what we are grateful for. Boy do I have so much to be grateful for right now!

This was our turkey, only it was really a chicken!
This was our turkey, only it was really a chicken!

The other day I read in The Book of Mormon, Helaman 8:23. This verse really touched me. Here’s how I read it in my head:

“23 And behold, he is God, and he is with ME, and he HAS manifestED himself unto ME, AND I WAS redeemed by him; and I GIVE unto him glory, because of that which HE HAS DONE FOR ME.”

It was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. If you are reading the scriptures right now and don’t feel like they were personally written for you, I invite you to read them again. But this time with a prayer in your heart, imagining that you are living each of the experiences. I love any verse that refers to our Saviour being with us. He is! Every second. Through our actions, we can learn of Him and who He is. Everything good comes from Him. I owe my world to Him. I’m so grateful for this time to dedicate every second of my day to the Lord. I know it because I have felt the constant confirmation that I am doing His work!

Thanks for being my “loved ones” at home. I feel so blessed to have each of y’all in my life.

Have a great week!

Hermana Devereaux


Here’s some pictures from the past week…

Last Wednesday, we were in Madrid at the temple:




I saw Hermana Weaver, my friend from BYU, again!
I saw Hermana Weaver, my friend from BYU, again!
Sorry I never got an actual smiling pic with the pumpkin pie. But it turns out, I actually really like pumpkin pie! Whip cream... still no!
Sorry I never got an actual smiling pic with the pumpkin pie. But it turns out, I actually really like pumpkin pie! Whip cream… still no!

Last Thursday for Thanksgiving, we ate with the Tello’s family with the Elders:






And today (PDay, Nov. 30th), we went to “sol” in downtown Madrid with a bunch of the missionaries from our zone. I hadn’t been back there since the MTC. We went to this 5 floor Primark, which was incredible (haha) and then to a good old burger joint. They have this challenge there that if you eat this burger slaughtered in the spiciest sauce I’ve ever tasted, you win a t shirt. Y’all know me and dares, of course I did it!! With tears down my face, me and 6 other missionaries finished this burger. It was awful! Now if you ever make it to this restaurant in downtown Madrid, look for this photo with a bunch of missionaries in over-sized t shirts and blistered lips haha:



And then anything Texas, of course, I have to take a picture!


Y’all have an awesome week!


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