11/16/15: J + J = ❤

And just like that, my first week in Azuqueca is behind me!  My head is filled with new names and new streets and a bunch more Spanish words.  (Not gunna lie.. I’m a little excited to take a little time writing in English).  And this week was so incredible so as always, there is lots to tell!

Monday night we had a Family Home Evening with a family.  We set goals together.  I love that Heavenly Father loves us so much, he put us in families to help each other grow!  If families aren’t always a ‘theme’ on the mission, they especially were this week.

Tuesday morning we had a couple of appointments and a ward missionary, Laura, accompanied us.  She is the cutest!  She is 19 and is going to serve at Temple Square in January  (btw.. In Spanish, they call temple square the Manzana (Apple).. How funny hahah).  So if any of y’all catch yourselves in Temple Square (in SLC) and see a cute Spaniard missionary named Sister Caldaron, give her a giant hug for me!

Wednesday night we had dinner with the family Salas.  This family is the best for a couple reasons.. 1) they know and love Isolina in A Coruña as much as me, 2) They are just overall hilarious and just all around great people and strong members of the Church, and 3) Most important, their son, Manu, served a mission in Texas!!!  We sat and reminisced on creamy jalapeño from Chuys for about 15 minutes.  They’re the best!  We talked with them about how Jesus Christ truly can comfort us in every situation.  We read the story of Jesus and Lazarus after his (almost) death.  Martha was devastated.  And when Jesus saw her, He wept.  Another time in the scriptures that it says Jesus wept is in 3 Nephi 17, when Jesus is visiting the inhabitants of the ancient Americas and blessed all the children. It says Jesus was so filled with joy and love for them, He also wept.  These are 2 perfect examples that truly show the depiction of the Savior.  He mourns when we are sad, and He rejoices when we are happy.  I’m so grateful for the knowledge and witness of the Savior.

Later in the week we met with Marisol. The Elders are teaching her, but they asked if we could review the law of chastity with her.. Ah,hermanas.  How funny.  Anyways, she is incredible!  She just started listening to the discussions, but is just so prepared.  We talked about how staying pure helps us prepare for our future families.  Marisol didn’t grow up with standards anything near like there are in the Church, but I was touched with how much she wants to have an eternal family one day.  Her favorite song from the Church is “families can be together forever”.  I told her we have that in common.  And of course had to show her my other favorite, “I love to see the temple”!  I’m so grateful for my family and that we have been sealed in the temple so we can be together forever.  It is so true that the things you learn in Primary are the most essential.

Then Friday night we had a Family Home Evening with Alvaro and his family. Alvaro is going to be baptized in 2 weeks!  He is just 13 years old.  I can’t help but think of Joseph Smith, with almost the same age, and that his simple prayer sparked the whole restoration.  Alvaro is the first to take the missionary discussions in his family, and we are hoping his sister and mom follow right along after!  FAMILIES!

Then Saturday we were walking home, and stopped to talk to one last woman sitting on a bench with her children, named Deli.  We ended up staying for over a half hour and it turns out her niece is a member!  Her niece had envied her to church before, but Deli had always said “oh another day”.  Well this afternoon it was obvious that this woman wants and needs to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It’s a testimony to me that we can’t just ask someone once to hear about the Gospel.  But be persistent.  I know with all my heart that Deli and her whole family will be eternally blessed with the gift of the Gospel.

Families are central to Heavenly Father’s plan.  I was studying the Plan of Salvation (also known as the plan of FAMILIES) a lot this week.  God presented a plan, and Satan had other ideas and was cast out of heaven.  He can never have an eternal family like we can.  I thought, no wonder he is angry!  Or the fact that Adam and Eve literally chose to leave the presence of God and partake of the fruit because they knew they could have children if they did so.  They knew that an eternal family would be worth a little bit of pain now and then.  The love parents have for their children is just a little glimpse of the love our Heavenly Father has for us. Through Gods plan our families can be together forever.

Hope everyone has a great week! And shout out to Jordan and Jeff for getting engaged (..more about families 😅) now everyone go congratulate them for me!


Hermana Devereaux


I didn’t take many pictures this week, but this is Hermana Romero, my new companion.

Me compi, Hermana Romero!
Sometimes on the mission you catch yourself in a room with 5 women over the age of 70 and you just have to take a picture. These are the only 2 that said they were "guapa" enough too be in the picture. Hahaha
Sometimes on the mission you catch yourself in a room with 5
women over the age of 70 and you just have to take a picture. These
are the only 2 that said they were “guapa” enough too be in the
picture. Hahaha

Have an awesome week!