11/2/15: Let the Holy Spirit Guide

So this week I have had a hymn stuck in my head ALL week.  I’m sure Hermana Spencer has been completely sick of me singing it non-stop.  Especially in the beautiful voice I have…y’all have all heard!  But, at least it has good lyrics!  Here it is in English…

Let the Holy Spirit guide
Let him teach us what is true
He will testify of Christ
Light our minds with heavens view

Let the Holy Spirit guard
Let his whisper govern choice
He will lead us safely home
If we listen to his voice

Let the spirit heal our hearts
Through his quiet, gentle power
May we purify our lives
To receive him hour by hour

Starting with singing it down a rainy street, to an appointment at a little house in the middle of nowhere, to singing it as our sweet Estrella played the piano with her one weak hand, to sharing it with one of the most precious families in a lesson here– it has definitely been the theme song to my week!  But I have loved the time to “ponderize” these lyrics.

This past Wednesday, we had an awesome visit with a woman named Edith.  She had been meeting with the missionaries about 6 months ago, but she went to visit her family in Peru and hasn’t had contact with anyone since she got back.  We found Edith in the area book, and finally got to meet with her!  She is incredible.  As we talked with her, she told us that she feels like something is missing.  She has family, she has work, she has good health, so what is it?  She said, it must be God.  She is waiting for an answer or some obvious sign of what she should do next in this life.  I was so grateful to share my testimony (and with the help of this song) about how we can receive guidance from our father in heaven through the Holy Ghost.

Then, that night, after getting home from our visit with Edith, who lives in a little town about 30 minutes from A Coruña, all of our visits cancelled.  Missionaries love when that happens!  (Can you tell there is sarcasm in an email?)  This is nothing new, so we go to our back up plans.  No one answers, no one is home, so forth.  Try the back up plans of our back up plans.  Still, nothing.  We had 2 hours left of the day, and Hermana Spencer and I wanted to make the most of it.  We didn’t want to just waste the time walking down the closest street nearby, because we know that the Lord has people waiting for us and we just have to find them!  How do we do that?  Pray.  We said a little prayer and at first, it seemed like there was no clear answer.  I felt peace, but I didn’t feel like I should go visit this exact person, or walk to this exact place.  But we still had faith.  We made one choice at a time, listening very clearly to the small voice of the spirit.  We eventually end up on a street, in a part of town fairly unfamiliar to me, talking to a woman named Maria.  The more we talked, the more I knew this is exactly where we were supposed to be in that moment.  I’m still nowhere close to perfect at this, but I do know with all of my heart that God does answer our prayers and that he will tell us exactly what we need to do in that moment if we are listening.

About 3 weeks ago, we planned to go find some directions off of the ward list.  There was a woman’s name we didn’t recognize, so we thought we would go and introduce ourselves.  We ring her timbre (doorbell), and a woman named Mari answers and says the woman we are looking for doesn’t live there anymore.  We tell her we are missionaries and she said we can come back another day to talk more.  Well, we had probably rung her timbre about 10 times since that day, and this woman is never home.  Until this past Saturday!  She invites us in and I just loved her from the second I walked in the door.  She moved here from Venezuela about a year ago.  We were able to share with her more about our church, and I was just touched with how much faith this woman had.  I’m so grateful for the spirit once again that led us to her door and gave us the diligence to keep on trying!

Hope everyone had a good week and a Happy Halloween!  If you wondered… it’s not big here.  I don’t know if it’s because there’s no actual homes with doors to knock or the lack of individual wrapped candy.  Either way, we saw very minimal kids dressed up, haha.

Have a great week!

Hermana Devereaux

Brooke’s pictures didn’t send today so they will be posted here tomorrow!

2015-11-01-1348.05 2015-11-01-1349.42 2015-11-01-1351.18 2015-11-01-1334.22

We played some futbol today for Pday!
We played some futbol today for Pday!

Have a great week!


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