10/19/15: I’m Happy!

I hope everyone had an awesome week!  Starting with the most incredible P-day last week, I was shown once again how good God is throughout the week.  I wonder if I will ever wake up in the morning and stop thinking yesterday was a dream.

So I have told y’all a little about our sweet Estrella, the cute little old lady that hasn’t been able to speak since she was 23 years old.  We visit her every Tuesday afternoon, and this week she had a little surprise for us.  She pulls out her little keyboard and plays us the most beautiful song.  As I sat and listened to this sweet woman play with her one functioning hand, the beautiful tune to “Nearer My God To Thee”,  I couldn’t help but tear up.  She has endured more physical pain than I can imagine to bare, yet she still puts a smile on her face.  When she misses a note, she keeps on going.  And her melody is just as beautiful as ever.  The parable of the 10 talents came into my head and specifically in Matthew 25:23, it says: “His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.”  Estrella is just a little angel on earth.  She is such a good example to me that we can keep on playing the most beautiful tune even when there are plenty of reasons that would make it easier to stop the music.

We also had a lesson with a couple, Dulce and Jesus.  They are former investigators from the missionaries from before and everything I had heard about them made it sound like it wasn’t quite their time to hear and accept the Gospel.  Dulce is from the Dominican Republic and is super religious, but struggles with the action part.  Whereas Jesus who is from the southern part of Spain, has a great understanding but somehow says he is an atheist.  (Please take note that his name is Jesus.. 😁).  So as we were trying to prepare for the lesson, Hermana Spencer and I both felt like we should teach about God’s plan for us, even though it had been taught to them several times.  At the beginning of the lesson, I asked them both what they were searching for in life.  Dulce is searching for peace.  Jesus is searching for more light.  It was clear to us, Jesus has changed.  He is searching.  We began presenting God’s plan in a time-line like manner.  We started with when we lived with Him before this life and ended with our final goal which is living in God’s presence again in the Celestial Kingdom.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget the look on the face of Jesus.  It suddenly all made sense to him!  Why we are here.  Where we are going.  Why it is so important that we have a Savior.  Why we need to try every day to become more like Him.  I’m so grateful for the knowledge we have of God’s plan for us that gives us light and peace.

Have a great week!

Hermana Devereaux


Here’s a few more pictures from last week’s Pday when we went to Vigo and hiked the tallest peak:

Me and my companion, Hermana Spencer.  It was her birthday yesterday!
Me and my companion, Hermana Spencer. It was her birthday yesterday!
At the church before going hiking.
At the church before going hiking.








Me eating my favorite, peanut butter sandwich!  Yes, I'm Happy!
Me eating my favorite, peanut butter sandwich! Yes, I’m Happy!

Have a great week!


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