10/5/15: ¡Feliz navidad!

And the first week of the transfer, over just like that!  So I started my week waiting for my new companion in Santiago.  I hop on a train.  Keep in mind she is without a cell phone, and I am supposed to just find her… Although, you would think it would be easy to find an American with a skirt and name tag… But nowhere to be found.  So I patiently wait on the hour long train ride back to A Coruña in hopes I will find my companion as soon as I get off the train.  Boy, was that a long train ride.  But there she was! Suitcases in hand, with a big smile on her face!  Hermana Spencer and I walked back to our apartment and now it’s like I’ve known her forever.  Good companions just make missionary work even better.

So like the title says, we had a little taste of Christmas this week.  Or at least that’s what missionaries call it those special 2 weekends each year that we have Conference and get to hear from our modern day Prophet and Apostles!  I am so grateful for the leadership in this church.  For the selfless service they give and the Christ-like examples they have set for me.  After the death of 3 Apostles in these past 5ish months, we were able to sustain the 3 new apostles.  As I heard each of these men speak, I knew with every bit of me they were called of God. I have been reading in the New Testament lately, and was thinking of the Apostles of Jesus.  I was thinking of the story after His resurrection when he went to visit His apostles and found them on that same shore fishing.  Jesus asked Peter if he loved His 3 times.  And after each time the question was asked, giving it a little more thought, Peter finally answered with all his heart “Lord thou knowest I love thee” and Jesus replies once again, “Then feed my sheep”.  These men, called of God, demonstrate their love they have for the Savior through the service they give.  Hearing President Monson speak, giving his personal witness of Jesus Christ, I was so grateful to have a living Prophet on the earth today!

So of course, all week I was looking forward to that awesome experience. And of course, telling and inviting EVERYBODY!  I think Hermana Spencer might think I’m insane.  Introducing her to A Coruña, sprinting around this whole city, introducing her to all our beloved investigators and the members here.  We were both just full of energy, and ready to put in some serious work.  Ready to see some miracles and build God’s kingdom little by little!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to show Hermana Spencer around A Coruña a little bit, show her my stomping grounds.  It is so true that when you are out of your comfort zone, when you are relying on the Lord, is when you grow the most.  Before this week I had learned to rely on Hermana Braun, with the Spanish, with directions, with making sure each person is cared for how the Lord would want.  But she is off to the islands, not here in A Coruña.  And this work was put in my hands.  All of a sudden I was speaking words in Spanish I didn’t know, conjugating verbs without thought, remembering addresses I had only been to once, and leading lessons and helping people come closer to Christ.

In the Book of Mormon, Ether 12:27 says:
“And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.”

Our savior is here to help us grow.  He is going to stretch us.  He wants us to put in some work.  But he is there every step of the way.  He can make us strong.  This week was such a testament to me of that!

This scripture was one of the 100 scriptures that are encouraged to be memorized during seminary.  I say encouraged, but any seminary students, or just anyone in general haha, memorize them!  Look to them for strength.  They were chosen by those same special men called of God that we heard in conference this weekend.  And they were chosen for a reason!  I would give anything to go back and learn more during those seminary years.  But oh boy am I grateful for all the things I did learn, for those scripture mysteries like this one that has truly been written in my heart and I rely on so much!

Well I hope everyone has a great week.  Look for miracles.  Never lose your smile.  And remember I love all y’all!


Hermana Devereaux


I didn’t take too many pictures this week, but here’s a few we took to say good-bye to Hermana Braun and a few of the special families here:





And this little girl I want to pack up and bring home with me!
And this little girl I want to pack up and bring home with me!

And finally, the first pictures of my new companion, Hermana Jessica Spencer from Idaho.  I was blessed with another great companion!

It rained today, so we went bowling... in skirts!
It rained today, so for our pday we went bowling… in skirts!


Have another fantastic week!


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