9/14/15: I got Failed by Tyler Haws!

So we started off the week with a ring at a doorbell after getting our groceries DELIVERED! How cool is that? It was only an extra euro. 1 euro and we didn’t have to lug all our groceries home! That’s the most Spaniard thing I have ever heard. It was so awesome it made it into my daily planner.

This week I learned so much about faith!  Alma 32 says, “21 And now as I said concerning faith–faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true.”

Before my mission, I didn’t realize how many aspects there were to faith. I thought… I have faith that God is my loving Heavenly Father.  I have faith that if I follow Gods commandments, I will be able to return back to home. Or I have faith that my whole family will be together forever, living in God’s presence again.  But what about faith in yourself?  Or what about faith in others?  I am learning that it is so much easier to just completely rely on the Lord than keep relying on yourself. Sometimes I just want to figure something out myself. I will work hard and learn how to do it.  But wouldn’t it be much easier with the help of our Heavenly Father?  I need the strength of the Lord out here so much! Without him, I don’t know how I would be able to walk all these miles. Or understand any of these people! Or feel so much love for each person I talk to on the street.  That leads me to having faith in others!  Agency is the best.  We have the freedom to choose.  It’s the only way for Gods plan to work.  It’s essential in His perfect plan!  But the not perfect me, doesn’t understand the agency in others some times. But that’s just me lacking faith in the timing of the Lord. The Atonement of Christ has the power to touch every heart and change any person- every single person!  So I know I need to have faith in this aspect of the Atonement, because I have been able to become better through this same power too.  Hermana Braun sings a song from the children’s hymn book almost every morning before companion study.  I love learning the children’s songs in Spanish! The song about faith has been constantly running through my head. (I’ll leave it in English for y’all (; )

  1. Faith is knowing the sun will rise, lighting each new day.
    Faith is knowing the Lord will hear my prayers each time I pray.
    Faith is like a little seed:
    If planted, it will grow.
    Faith is a swelling within my heart.
    When I do right, I know.
  2. Faith is knowing I lived with God before my mortal birth.
    Faith is knowing I can return when my life ends on earth.
    Faith is trust in God above;
    In Christ, who showed the way.
    Faith is strengthened; I feel it grow
    Whenever I obey.

Ultimately, faith is trust in God.

This week I had the awesome opportunity to go to Santiago with Hermana Dewaal for a day!  It was my first intercambio (exchange)!  We had an awesome lesson with a woman named Estrella.  She is a strong example to me of having faith, and experimenting on it.  Hermana Dewaal and I taught her about the restoration of the church.  And after bearing testimony of the vision that Joseph Smith received, I honestly was thinking she was going to say this was all a little crazy. But instead, her answer was simply- anything is impossible with God.  If He could split the Red Sea, if He could rise from the dead after 3 days, why could He not visit a boy and establish His church again on the earth?  This woman has such little knowledge of Jesus Christ, but she was trusting in the things she did know and the Spirit that was testifying to her of the truth!

(Btw funny side note… So Tyler Haws (the former basketball player from BYU) and his wife Summer, just moved to Santiago so Tyler could play for the team there. How cool!! So they were supposed to come to this
lesson with us, and never showed up. Hence the title of this email: I got failed by Tyler Haws haha. Sorry to all the non-BYU fans, probably not as funny to you.)

Hope everyone had a great week! Love you all!   Hermana Devereaux

Intercambios! Exchanges with Hermana Dewaal and Baxter
Intercambios! Exchanges with Hermana Dewaal and Baxter
Elder Krawford enters the CCM on Tuesday and is going to the Malaga mission!
Elder Krawford enters the CCM on Tuesday and is going to the Malaga mission!


1 of the twins holding his mom's leg! We really like this family!
1 of the twins holding his mom’s leg! We really like this family!

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