9/7/15: ¡PoCoMaCo!

Hey everybody! Another great week here. Apparently I have spent 100 days in Spain!! (Thanks for keeping track Ashlee)

I have grown to love A Coruña so much. This week we spent a lot of time in the areas around the main part of the city – I guess you would call them the suburbs? Haha I don’t know, we just say they’re pueblos. And they are just BEAUTIFUL! Everything is so green. And I love that you have an ocean view basically everywhere because it’s like a peninsula.

In one of these pueblos, there’s an elderly couple that are members of the Church, but the husband really struggles with keeping some of the commandments. They are from Peru and have been in Coruña for about 9 years. Neither of them know how to drive or read, although she can cook some mean Peruvian food. They are just the sweetest people! So a lot of times when we teach commandments, we focus on blessings that we get for keeping them. The blessings are incredible! However, the question came to my mind – what should the motive be for keeping the commandments of God? It’s not blessings that I want. It’s that I love my Heavenly Father, and His son, Jesus Christ. Simply stated John 14:15 says, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” And that is what we taught this man. We don’t pay tithing because we know God will bless us even more if we offer that to him, but because we love Him and want to give back what He has given us in abundance. Luke 10:27 says, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind.” That’s the first and great commandment!! I truly believe everything comes back to that. After the resurrection of Christ, he visits the Apostles and asks Peter: “Do you love me?” He asks him this 3 times!! And each time, Peter answers him with more and more conviction- yes!

This life is so short, I realize that more and more every day. And each time I realize before we know it, we will be standing before God to account for what we have done in this life. Standing before him, I believe he will probably ask us a similar question: Brooke, do you love me? I want to be able to say yes! Yes, I love you more than anything and that’s why I kept your commandments!

I’m so grateful for the lesson that this old, timid man from Peru, half way across the world from my home, has taught me.  That’s why I love Coruña!! (The endless panaderías are just bonus (,;)



And this letter is from this sweet woman in the rama. She was studying to be a lawyer, then at 23 woke up and hasn’t been able to talk since. She is just a special daughter of God and his light just radiates through her! She gave us this letter this past Sunday and made us go read it up at the pulpit and share our testimonies. One more reason why I love Coruña!

Have a good week!! Happy Labor Day!


Hermana Devereaux


And here’s a few pictures from this week.  Starting with games we played at Noche de Hogar:



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For Pday today, we went bowling with the Elders in our district:

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And look Mom, we can cook!


Have a great week!


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