8/17/15: Bills!


It’s been such a great week.  I can’t believe it’s been another week!  Today is the first day of our next 6-week transfer…and the votes are in… No changes for Hermana Braun and me… We are staying in A Coruña!!!!

That means our theme song this week can remain- which is to the song “Bills.” Haha.  I don’t know how popular it is in the U.S… But it’s everywhere here!  (Thank you Alex for teaching me this song many months ago :-))  So to make it ‘missionary appropriate’, Hermana Braun and I have changed the lyrics and have come up with some gems if ya ask me…. Here’s a sneak peek:  I’ve got the Gospel… I’ve gotta share… And a testimony that I must bare.  And so on…

Anyways, somehow we ended up with a food appointment EVERY day this week!  That never happens! So we ate.. And ate some more.  From different cultures all around the world. Out of Spaniard, Brazilian, Portuguese, and Peruvian, I think Peruvian has to be my favorite.  They had the most spice!  And this awesome sauce that almost tasted like creamy jalapeño from Chuys so y’all know I was happy.  But each of these “comedias” gave us a great opportunity to get to know the members more, get to know some less-actives, and teach some new people!

On Friday, we had a comedia with a woman named Tarscila!  She is from Brazil and has been attending English classes.  She is super into her religion but also absolutely loves the missionaries.  We went to her piso for lunch with her cousin and another friend visiting from Brazil just for the week – who spoke ONLY Portuguese let me add — super cool language.  Afterwards though, we were able to teach the Restoration of the Church.  It was an extremely spiritual lesson.  James (from Portugal) couldn’t understand hardly anything, but said he knew that this message was from God.  We were able to drop off a Portuguese Book of Mormon later and he was just so excited!

I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father.  I know that we are each His children.  I know that He has a plan for us.  And in that plan, we can either choose to accept or reject His word.  I’m grateful for prophets, both from biblical times and in modern-day.  I’m grateful for their guidance and the worthiness.  I know that God truly sent His son, Jesus Christ, to this earth.  Where he performed miracles, sent an example for us, established His church, and atoned for every sin I ever had and ever will make.  I know that even though we are not perfect, Christ’s church is.  So when the ordinances inside the church were changed, Heavenly Father prepared another man to restore the Gospel once again.  I am so incredibly grateful for Joseph Smith!  There is not a part of me that doesn’t know God and Jesus Christ appeared to him, in response to his simple prayer.  I’m so grateful for the Book of Mormon.  Because in that book, I have found answers to all my hardest questions and the happiness I want to have.

I’m so grateful to be a missionary.  It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  At the end of the day, the thought pops into my head… I think I do have some faith… Because how many people would walk around, going up to strangers, getting cat-called by gross old men, offering the most humble service, sharing my testimony to everyone if I didn’t have faith?  And I love each second of it!!

Have a great week!

Hermana Devereaux


Pictures from this week…

Today we went downtown A Coruña:

It's pretty rough serving here in A Coruña...
It’s pretty rough serving here in A Coruña…
These dang drinking fountains shoot up your nose!
These dang drinking fountains shoot up your nose!
We found a place to get hot chocolate and churros!
We found a place to get hot chocolate and churros!
Oh, so good!
Oh, so good!


This is a common site in Spain... All the old people sitting side by side.
This is a common site in Spain… A bunch of old people sitting close together side by side on benches
Elder Hawks is going back to the States! (That is syrup in my hand... don't ask haha.)
Elder Hawks is going back to the States! (That is syrup in my hand… don’t ask haha.)

We had zone conference for the 3rd time this month.  Pres. Pack changed up our schedule to help us be even more effective getting missionary work done!

My Zone at Zone Conference
My Zone at Zone Conference


We always have fun at Noche de Hogar.  We played out scripture stories…

Acting out David and Goliath...
Acting out David and Goliath…



Samuel the Lamanite
Samuel the Lamanite

And we played Musical Chairs…




She calls Hermana Braun Ana and me Elsa from Frozen!
She calls Hermana Braun Ana and me Elsa from Frozen!


Until next week!


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