6/11/15: God is Good!!!

its pday again!! whoop whoop!
once again i have so much to share, and so little time. (Brooke only gets 1 hour per week to send emails on her Preparation Day, P-Day!)
i learned so many things this week, and have felt all of your prayers so much.  thanks for sharing with me so many things, im so proud of you all. the flood (in Houston) sounds INSANE! way to step up and reach out by serving others.  i leave the CCM on july 7. i cant believe im almost half way done!
so i want to start off sharing about the park. my companion was sister jessop. if yall cant tell by the pictures, me and her got super close super fast. and i was so excited when i found out we were park companions. however, she is learning russain, not spanish. so i knew that i would have to be the one to really step up and find those words to touch peoples hearts. we made a goal to bare testimony to everyone we talked to that day. from the second we got on the metro, i could feel Gods power working through us. we talked to a young woman named luz, and she was just so ready to hear the gospel. i couldn´t believe how incredible it was to share the gospel (in spanish!!) in that way. i learned that the language of the spirit is much stronger than any other language. his message is so important. heavenly father will make sure it is understood by others even with my terrible grammar.  it was a way to start the day. she just needed to know how much God loved her. throughout the day we met so many people from different religions, and it was just incredible to see how much faith people have. in the park, we ran in to 2 girls that were on a study abroad from wisconson. so of course we talked to them because we could speak english!!! haha, but i learned so much from them. it felt like talking to friends, especially with sister jessop there. nicole is catholic and is finishing up her study abroad with a ´pilgrimage´. we asked  her tons of questions, but when we asked her ´what is it that you really want to gain out of your trip?´and her answer really struck me. her answer was to gain a deeper and better relationship with God. i just lit up with a smile! heavenly father was so happy that she wanted to know him better, and i could feel it. i bore testimony to them that through personal prayer and reading the book of mormon, i have built my relationship with god. it was incredible.
Last night with Sister Jessop who left for Russia
Last night with Sister Jessop who left for Russia
throughout the next couple of days, i continued to feel that same downpour of love from our heavenly father. he knows each of us so well!!!!
on monday night, the russian speakers completed their stay in the ccm and were off to russia. this was incredibly hard for us, and i realized that transfers are going to be by far the hardest part about serving a mission. out here, you love stronger than ever. and rely on the people around you so much as your emotions are just a roller coaster! sister jessop was that rock for me. she taught me so many great lessons. she taught me to enjoy being a missionary, and to laugh as much as possible. but to also be sensitive to the spirit and be that mouth piece for the lord.
Russian speaking missionaries leaving the CCM for Russia
Russian speaking missionaries leaving the CCM for Russia
tuesday morning, i was trying so hard to focus on my work. i was on my knees and heavenly father answered my prayers so strongly. i could feel his comfort when he told me that jesus christ is my companion. he gave me all these other sisters to help strengthen me, but number one is my savior and brother jesus christ!!
sister jessop reminded me of my family so much and i just needed to tell yall how much l love and appreciate yall, i needed to know sister jessop was safe in russia (she had been there before and shared with me some terrible things and i was just being a nervous mom), but mostly i just couldn´t not feel the love of our heavenly father for all these great people. i knew in a couple hours 7 new sisters would be joining us and i knew i needed to make them feel just as welcome as i did when i arrived.
thats when president lovell called me into his office, and asked me to be the new sister training leader, now that sister jessop was gone. the responsibilities of this calling were all things i already wanted to do, i just now had a ´title´ i suppose. i know the lord asked me to do this for many reasons. one thing president lovell said is that i am called to be a shepherd over these girls. this touched me because a week before he had asked me personally to find the different ´titles´ the lord had for me. the week before i had focused on what it meant to be His servant, and so this week i have studied to find more on how i can be a better shepherd. i guess now ill ask if you want to help me on this quest haha. and i think this is a great thing for us all to strive to be, as there are people around all of us that need to feel the love of God. and that can be expressed through us. i read in psalm 23 and john 10. i think those are great places to start!
this really is one of the best places in the world. one of the big questions this week ive asked myself is, ´why do i doubt God´s power?´ but really, why???? he is all powerful! and anytime i doubt him, it is just a flaw in my own faith. i think there are 3 important things to always remember about our heavenly father: 1. he exists, and is REAL! 2. he is merciful. and 3. he is all powerful!!
i wanted to end with some funny stories. cause oh man, there are several. i seem to constantly make a fool of myself here hahaha.
for starters, last night me and my companions were on our way up to the kitchen because we are in charge of cleaning it this week. so im carrying this weird european vacuum and i thought hermana rollins would hold the door for me, hahah no.. slapped me right in the face. it was awesome. so of course i politely tell hermama rollins shes gunna need a whoopin. so here i am hitting another sister on the bum with the end of a vacuum when the elevator doors open and its my favorite teachers the Georginos and hermana griotti. i died of embarassment (oh and by the way the word for embarrassment in spanish is actually pregnant.. that’s another story on its own). but anyways, it was so funny. so maybe i should work on being a more appropriate missionary. or not, hahah.
well i hope all is well back in the states! i love and miss you all, and pray for you all daily. i just want to end with tellin yall (btw i have also noticed the obnoxious amount i use the word yall- and its evening rubbing off with everyone here. ive got president eyring’s granddaughter saying it and elder simmons from australia haha) how much heavenly father loves you!! at one point i was feelin a tad down this week, and in the middle of teaching a lesson, i just got this overwhelming feeling of how good our God is! he really is! i wish i could express it into words. enjoy every minute, because god wants us to be happy! i love yall so much!
be better today than you were yesterday!! (thanks for the inspiration, mom, from the 4th Missionary. i think this is a great way to end every letter to remind us we can always improve, and we always have tomorrow.)
once again, i love you!!
hermana devereaux
Here’s some more pictures:
My iPad that I can read emails from all of you, every day!  (brooke.devereaux@myldsmail.net)
My iPad that I can read emails from all of you, every day! (brooke.devereaux@myldsmail.net)
Sis. Fernandez left for Portugal
Sis. Fernandez left for Portugal
My CCM District and Teachers.  They are awesome!
My CCM District and Teachers. They are awesome!
The CCM Sister missionaries sang in church on Sunday.  We were practicing in the bathroom!
The CCM Sister missionaries sang in church on Sunday. We were practicing in the bathroom!
My CCM sisters.  Still not having any fun! :-)
My CCM sisters. Still not having any fun! 🙂
Nope, still not having fun.  This is all hard work!
Nope, still not having fun. This is all hard work!

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