6/4/15: Finally P-DAY!!! (aka CHRISTMAS)

Email sent June 4, 2015:
Today has been long awaited, and now that it is here there is just so much to share!!!!! I will try to respond to everything and share the highlights of the week and a half.
first of all.. I LOVE EMAILS. seriously, i look forward to 5 pm when we can finally read them. yes, that’s 5 pm people. so i can read them anytime from 5-10:30 anytime we are not busy in class. other than that i am just taunted by the notification sign at the bottom of the ipad. me and the other hermanas and elders compete to see who gets the most… Christlike right? but yeah, help me win (;
anyways, the CCM is amazing! filled with amazing people and in such an amazing place. dad, you’re right.. it is like learning in the temple. the spirit is just so strong everywhere. and even though there have been many challenges, I have felt all of your prayers and such a strong love from my Heavenly Father, i know i can handle the work load.. and be so so so happy while doing so.
so the CCM is basically just 3 floors of different languages, hundreds of books, and a lot of great people. i will tell yall a little bit about our schedule. so we wake up at 6:30 to beautiful music over the intercom. i say mornin prayers and get ready for the day! we have breakfast at 7:15ish.. which is usually either cereal for me or they have tons of croissants with this goo in the middle or eggs or spanish tortillas- all pretty good stuff. then we have daily planning (we plan so much here. its insane) then we have personal study. I LOVE THIS TIME. seriously guys, find a way to LOVE personal scripture study. what i didn’t know about missionary work is that personal stufy is completely focused on the investigators you have- which seems so obvious now, i just never thought about it. then we have an hour of companion study- my companions are amazing. seriously all pros and teach loss boss. then we have grammar study aand lots more spanish. then at 12 we have our first meeting with our investigator (these are teachers in the CCCM that act as if they were someone they actually taught on their mission and we teach them for 2 weeks, 4 times each weeks. its such a good experience). they are pablo and clara! ill tell yall more about them later. then we have lunch.. the biggest meal of the day. lots of eggs potatoes and awesome salad bar different soups tons of rolls, sometimes they try to make american food like hamburgers which is always interesting, and then i always finish my meal with an apple and peanut butter! they only have it in these little jars but the nice kitchen ladies always make sure we have enough (: me and elder tranthum are both obsessed… he might give me a run for my money on the amount he consumes. haha. but i have my pèanut butter tucked away in my suitcase to eat when im no longer in the giving CCM (:hahah then after lunch we study the scriptures and more spanish. then at 5 we have sports! i llove this time. we finally get to go outside. you kinda go crazy sitting at a desk all day. so i always choose to play ultimate frizbee or soccer… dad you would be proud, my soccer is improving. but dont worry i still kick and miss the ball a lot. haha. after sports i shower and go to dinner. then we have our second progressive investigator named Cristina. after that we have one more hour of language study and then off ot our rooms! by this point we are all exhausted and delirious and all the sister join on my bed.. always my bed hahah.. to just finally get a moment of relief. oh man is that last hour fly by and we have had so mcuh  fun. i really like all the sisters. il also really try to get in some journaling.
okay so that is my schedule. hope that helps as you are all ´”obsessed with me and thing what is hermana devereaux doing at every moment of the day”. hahaha.
oh also sundays! sundays are so cool. So like i said, the CCM is just filled with differenlt language. most people speak english, but there are 2 elders and one sister who speak only russian, one that speaks only portuguese, and one that speaks only french. there are 23 missionaries total, so everyone knows everyone. i love that try to talk to the russians all the time. its so funny. we basically just act everything out. but yeah, there are the districts teaching spanish, then a district of 3 elders and 1 sister going to russia that came form the provo mtc. and then 3 from portuguese. so church sunday is filled with all of it! we had a prayer in french, the sacrament in russian, songs in spanish, talks in all of the languages. although with the talks (that everyone gives in there mission language) they translate them to english after every couple sentences so we actually get something out of it. i cant tell you how amazin church was! the CCM president has everyone prepare a talk and then we find out who is speaking at the beginning of the meeting.
so i wanted to tell you more about the Georginos.. pablo and clare as progrssive investigators. i love the georginos! they have taught me so much and are seriously just the exact people i want to be in 5 years. hermana georgino served her mission in dalllas, tx so we share a mutual respect for tx pride haha. there relationship is so pure and it just beams out of them there love for the gospel and their savior! they truly love being His servants.
Making contacts in the park

i also wanted to tell yall about the park! i learned so much there. can you believe they sent all these missionaries out (who had only been in spain for 4 days) to share God´s message with ACTUAL PEOPLE!!!! my companion was sister fernandez… shes form london but also speaks portuguese and spanish so i was so incredibly lucky. we got 2 referrals so i was so happy! i only messed up a couple times with spanish.. by a couple i mean a lot… one time i said i’m from the park instead of going to the park lol. whoops.

the spanish is coming along though. i’ve learned more spanish in the past week than my 3 years in school. once again, SO MUCH STUDYING..
anyways, i am running out of time.
i just want to end with how much i love each of you. i miss you all so much, and i wont lie and say being this far away hasn´t been hard, but i am also so happy here. and each day gets better. i love my heavenly father. and i want to share His gospel with everyone i see. it is URGENT. they say you are your first conversion on your mission, that is so true! I have been converted. this chiurch is true. this is His gospel. he knows exaxtly what we are all going through and loves us so much!!!
cant wait to hear from you all this week! please tell me uplifting, funny stories that happen in the day. anything. i love hearing from yall.


Hermana Brooke Devereaux
Here’s some pictures:
My companions in the CCM
My companions in the CCM
My district in the CCM
My district in the CCM
We study hard all day...
We study hard all day…
and never have any fun!
and never have any fun!
Each Sunday we sing hymns outside the temple
Each Sunday we sing hymns outside the temple
Here's all the missionaries in the CCM! (Yes there's only 23)
Here’s all the missionaries in the CCM! (Yes there’s only 23)

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